WordPress Design and Development

Google Glass and Its Impact on WordPress Design and Development

Advancements in technology are what keep web developers on their toes and nobody is doing that better than Google. Google Glass first made its way onto the scene for developers in February 2013 and as with most new technology it had some bugs. Internet users could browse the web, but visiting a website was more difficult, especially if […] read more.

Custom WordPress Design and Development for Inside Sonoma

Here’s what I think you should do: I think you need to check out Nicasio’s latest site development, Inside Sonoma. Why? Because between the layout, the ease of use of the site, and the overall Sonoma experience, there is no better online tourist magazine. Let’s check out the first impressions of Inside Sonoma. The site is bright and […] read more.

Spotlight: The Lighthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast

WordPress is good for business. This is convenient because Nicasio’s business is designing WordPress websites, and they’re great at what they do. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at their latest site launch, The Lighthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. The Lighthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful beach cottage located on Tybee Island on the Georgia […] read more.

7 Favors WordPress Can Do For Your Online Business

We’ve talked about this before: if you want a website go with WordPress and if you want professionals to customize your WordPress go with the guys at Nicasio Design. But, sometimes you need a list—reasons why WordPress is truly the best for your business. Here it is. The top seven reasons why WordPress is a perfect fit for […] read more.

Top Ten Colleges Using WordPress

People love top ten lists. I’m pretty sure there are even top ten lists of the top ten reasons why people love top ten lists. As a recent college graduate (Go Dawgs!), I thought it would be fun to look at how colleges and universities are using custom WordPress sites. It’s a great example of how experts like […] read more.

WordPress: Why You Should Leave Easy to the Professionals

It seems like the beginning of a joke, right? Two horses and WordPress walk into a bar. Cue the snare drum. You must be asking yourself, “Why would I pay someone good money to handle something as simple and easy-to-use as WordPress?” Or maybe you are thinking it is not worth paying someone for something you could do […] read more.

Creative Thinking + Custom WordPress Design

“Creative thinking and the determination to push the limits on innovation are the hallmark characteristics of entrepreneurs.  Having a strong presence on the Web gives business owners a great launch pad to showcase their innovative spirit and build brand awareness for the products and services they offer.” source. The question is – what does a strong presence on […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: Strong Learning, Inc.

We just completed the launch of our newest development: an e-commerce website for Strong Learning, Inc. Strong Learning had numerous needs going into this project. They required a custom design, they needed a CMS that would allow them to quickly and easily manage their content, and they wanted e-commerce integration into their existing 1 Shopping Cart account for […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: eTrain Today

This is a fairly distinctive website that Nicasio had the pleasure of building out. eTrain Today had a logo and a basic idea of what they wanted the design to look like, but needed help getting their new business venture up and running. eTrain provides online training and testing for people that work with hazardous materials and other […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: R&J PR

Nicasio Design is proud to publicize the launch of our newest custom WordPress Design and Development project. R&J Public Relations required a full-bodied content management system that allowed them to manage, edit and display numerous diverse types of data in innovative ways. With several site editors, a simple and intuitive backend interface was required. The solution we chose […] read more.

Automating Your WordPress Plugin with WP-Cron

On 8/21 I did a presentation at WordCamp Savannah entitled “Automating your WordPress plugin with WP-Cron”. As promised here are the links to my slides and code demo: Slides Demo Plugin (zip of PHP file) Thanks to all those who attended.

WordCamp Savannah!

It’s almost that time! WordCamp Savannah is this weekend (August 20-22). There are supposed to be somewhere between 150-200 people attending. I will be doing a presentation on “Automating Your Plugin With WP-Cron on Saturday at 1:30” The rest of the speaker list is absolutely amazing and I’m honored to be in such good company. If you’re coming […] read more.