7 Favors WordPress Can Do For Your Online Business

We’ve talked about this before: if you want a website go with WordPress and if you want professionals to customize your WordPress go with the guys at Nicasio Design. But, sometimes you need a list—reasons why WordPress is truly the best for your business. Here it is. The top seven reasons why WordPress is a perfect fit for your e-commerce business model.

  1. ShoppingIt’s a simple concept: you have a product to sell (let’s say earmuffs) and you hope to get other people to buy your product. Whatever it is you’re selling, you need to get that product to your customers. However, online shopping can make things a little harder. How exactly do you set up a place to shop on a website? WordPress makes it easy. A simple plugin can add a shopping cart to any WordPress site and in seconds your customers can be shopping.
  2. Time: In the real world creating a shop takes time. You have to find the right location, customize your space to build racks for your earmuffs, clean, advertise, etc. etc. In the WordPress world it takes minutes.
  3. Customized: That’s right. You ever sign up for a website and realize your page is going to look exactly the same as a million other people? That can’t happen to your business. You need to separate yourself from the other earmuff designers by making your store special. WordPress makes that easy. Think of WordPress as a blank canvas. You might not see anything right away, but there is no end to the number of designs a professional can create.
  4. More customers: “Location, location, location.” We’ve all heard that saying a million times because when you’re building a business in the “real world” location does matter. Not online. The number of customers are limitless online. Anyone with an Internet connection can search for your earmuffs online.
  5. Price: Building a brand is tough. There’s another saying we’ve all heard before—“You’ve got to spend money to make money.” With all the money you have to spend to start your business how does one less feel?  That’s right—Wordpress is free. Take the money you would have spent on another host site and use it to pay a professional to customize your site. When people Google earmuffs they’re going to see your amazing website and trust they’re buying from the right person. You’ve already got a leg up on the competition by using WordPress.
  6. Tags: So you’ve set up your site. You’ve hired the guys at Nicasio to customize your site. That must be the end to what WordPress has to offer, right? Wrong. You want those limitless customers to walk through your virtual shop doors? WordPress offers the ability to tag. This is a great option. It ups the traffic to your site by allowing your tags (or key words) to be ranked highly on search engines.
  7. ETC: The truth is this list could go on for far more pages then any of you are willing to read. The options are limitless to a creative individual. These earmuffs you make are special to you. You think they can change the world. So create a blog and tell the world why. You host a charity celebrity earmuff knitting circle. Post the pictures and video on your site. You think social media is an important tool and you want your Twitter and Facebook pages linked. You think it’s important to set up a page for your customers to leave reviews for your earmuffs. See what I mean?

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