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8 Management Behaviors That Foster Trust

According to Paul Zak, in his recent article titled The Neuroscience of Trust, there are 8 ways management can foster and build trust within an organization or team. Obviously, there is a link between productivity and trust within an organization. Otherwise, why consider and study this at all right? Fun Facts:  Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies […] read more.

A Tribute to Nesta Robert Marley Born 2.6.1945

Born Nesta Robert Marley, Feb 6th 1945, he became known as the Ambassador of Third World for his music and sold over 75 million reggae albums worldwide. Src = Famous Birthdays  At Nicasio Design we like to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the arts and humanity. Bob Marley was one such man. Some Trivia about […] read more.

Google Launches Surveys

Google says it has launched Google Survey today. For those who want to tie website data to targeted audience – here is your chance. Though there are other tools out there, this one proves to be a solid highly customizable tool as it ties into your GA tool. Let’s see how Google also allows users to analyze, share and […] read more.

Google Pushing Harder On Mobile

Is there a better wakeup call than the one from Google to tell us that they are not tightening the screws on mobile search? Well, there is the article – please make sure you look it up and take a moment [or a few moments] to ensure your website is up to par with the new Google Mobile […] read more.

The Nicasio Design Pups

In this brief post I want to take a moment to highlight some of our best looking team members; the pups not the owners of course. They say that behind every great man there is a great women. I would add, behind every great web developer and designer – there is also a great pup! In order of […] read more.

Why Overworking is Bad For Business

They say that the early bird gets the worm, but how early and how often does this bird need to work? A great article highlights the drawbacks of being overworked: “OverWorked.” If the pressures of running your business result in you working more and not smarter, then you need to read this article. There is a point at […] read more.

Happy Customer Files: “Two thumbs up Nicasio!”

It [has been] a big job – but all I’ve heard so far is that it looks fantastic and it works great. Two thumbs up Nicasio! Deanna T.

Case Study: Super Fast Tracked Timeline

How fast time passes when you are having WordPress fun. Project: Our Life Custom WordPress Website Design & Development Challenge: Super Fast Tracked Timeline Result: WordPress VIP Team Kudos for Nicasio/Client Efforts Visit post – Click Here!

The Google Universe

As the world now scrambles to resolve the drop in organic Google traffic, the one consistent suggestion I am running across is to adding the G+ button to your site. I have done it so there Google! Now what? Checkout this article from Jim Conolly – it may not matter much!

Nicasio team on-going education session

Nicasio team is always reflecting on the lessons learned. Here we are with our PM Jeff Walters. One of our guiding principles is ‘to never allow a learning experience to go untapped.’ As the team reflects on those moments from Q1 2013, we also learn valuable lessons about the value of updating our PM tool to bring insight to […] read more.

Find and Replace – Windows Live Writer

Do you use Windows Live Writer to write your blogs? Have you looked for a “Find and Replace” option? Yep – there wasn’t one! Well, there is, but you have to get the plug in. Download and install the Imtech Find and Replace Live Writer Plugin No more wasted time with multiple mispellings of words that are not […] read more.

Portland Rescue

“This is why I’m looking forward to working with you guys. I love the attention to detail and clarity of explanation.”