Starting a Small Business? Here Are 3 Critical Tips.

Small Business Branding

Starting a Small Business can seem like a huge undertaking.  Honestly, it is.  You are doing this because you have a love and passion for something.  This business could change your life after all so, it’s a big deal!  What makes it so exciting is that you get to be the boss!  That’s right.

You make the decisions on your products, services, marketing, finances, website, social media, branding, etc.  While everyone thinks they want to be the boss, it’s not as easy as they think.  Here’s our top 3 tips that will completely transform the way you approach starting and running a successful small business.

Your Branding is Important

There is a reason we know the swoosh is from Nike.  There is a reason we know the Coca-Cola logo; we are used to seeing it.  These are excellent examples of how important branding is when starting a small business.  It’s the basis of all you do.  You want your customers to know and remember you. Branding is an all-encompassing term used to describe several practices used to identify a company and its products or services. Your brand includes the company’s reputation and visual appeal. For example, your website design should immediately identify your company. A brand should invoke a feeling and remind customers of a good experience, making them trust you, and to keep coming back to you time and again.


Create an Avatar of you Ideal Customer

Knowing what your ideal customer would type into Google to find your business is half the battle.  The more you know who your ideal customer is, the more you can help them to find you.  You have great products and services no doubt.  But you can’t sell to everyone.  If you sell bracelets for example, talk more about those bracelets.  Are they handmade, boho style, dressy, casual, etc. Set up your small business to be successful by highlighting what makes you stand out above the rest and talk to your ideal customer.


Implement Time Blocking

When you are starting a small business, you are in charge of everything.  While that is good, it also comes with the difficulty of managing your time. Time blocking is the practice of breaking your day up into pre-defined chunks of time that are assigned to individual tasks. For example, instead of reviewing your finances sporadically throughout your day, set aside 9:00am to 9:30am to only work on that review.

Now you have three great tips to help you on your small business journey!  We are here to help you do better business.  Submit a contact request if you may be in interested in one of the services we offer to get your small business started off right.

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