Optim Health Systems

Customer Kudos for Nicasio Design Team

Services Provided.

  • Custom Website Design
  • WordPress Theme Customizations & Development
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly Theme
  • Content Migration & Cleanup
  • Website Launch & Ongoing Support Services
  • Multiple Custom Layouts & Templates
  • Multiple Custom Post Types & Taxonomies

Project Details

Optim Health System came to Nicasio Design seeking a new flagship website to feature both their families & specialties. After a massive collaboration, we were able to come up with a very finely woven website featuring Optim Health System’s strong brand and yet personal touch for its user-base. Search for a doctor, view a facility, or simply start with What Hurts via visual queues.

Overall, from initial concept to final portal this has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding projects for the Nicasio Design Team. Kudos to our client as well for such a strong push to get this awesome new website open for business.

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