If you’re not mobile– you’re missing out on more than just traffic.

With the recent advances in mobile phones and tablets, there is no reason for you not to have a mobile website. Times have changed and everyone is mobile these days– even kids in elementary and middle school. With Google’s focus on mobile, it’s more important now than ever before to make sure you’re mobile. If your website fails to load properly on our mobile devices, you will not only miss out on traffic but more importantly your visitors will leave your site immediately and you’ll miss out on gathering their info and an opportunity to make a sale!

Mobile Development has to ensure Cross-platform compatibility.

Smart Phones, iPads, and Tablets, Oh My! With nearly 28% of Americans using phones to primarily access the internet or email multiple times throughout the day, website owners need to make sure their sites load for the mobile user in an appropriate manner, by using streamlined interfaces, loading specific content geared to the user on the go, loading custom graphics, or any combination of the above.

Here is just one of our cross-platform websites:

Mobile Site

TybeeBB.com, The Lighthouse Inn, Mobile Site

vs. Main Site

TybeeBB.com, The Lighthouse Inn, Main Site
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