Custom Shopify Small Business Bundle

Small Business Shopify Solutions

Trust us — you don’t have to know how to design websites when you use this Bundle to get your Shopify site up and running quickly.

We do the work for you!

Set up your product site with ease, including your online shop and individual product pages using the Shopify Platform. Then, you can customize fonts, colors, and images to match your branding so your online shop truly stands out.

Custom Shopify Small Business Bundle Includes:

  • Homepage hook your visitors and show them exactly how to work with you
  • About Page to make sure you stand out in your industry or niche
  • Shop page to highlight all your amazing products
  • Product page to show off up to 12 of your products, optimized for search engines
  • Contact page for customer inquiries and connection
  • FAQ page to address questions potential customers have in an easy-to-read format

Also includes:

  • Support Links to help you manage your site after your design is complete
  • Launch / Point DNS lie point your purchased custom domain for buyers to see your site
  • Direct contact with us during your design process
  • Domain registration, hosting, and logo creations, are available for additional costs.  Pair this with our Small Business Branding Bundle to get everything you need in one place to make your business successful!
  • No theme modifications other then adding your logo
  • No special processing or handling orders/products 
  • 1 minor revision round 
  • On-Going support and training available at additional cost



Below are some amazing templates to choose from that can be customized just for you.  Let’s get started on making your business your own!


An eye-catching theme optimized for shopping on the go.


Ideal for speciality products and bold branding


A bold theme that elevates product quality and brand storytelling.


An energizing theme featuring extensive product detail layouts


A stylish theme with special attention to artists and collections


A minimalist theme that lets product images take center stage.

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