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The team [Chris, Dan, *Phil, and I] will be attending the wonderful the Webmaster Jam Session conference in the ATL October 3rd & 4th. If

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We’re #2!

Recently we were awarded 2nd place for “Best In Savannah Web Design” by Here is the post: 2. Nicasio, LLC – Design & Development for

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Vacation 2008

I took the family on vacation to the Dominican Republic this year; a working vacation that is. Lessons learned: 1 – Trust your home-based team

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Speed Networking

What is speed networking? I am glad you asked. Well, for the most part it is much like speed dating; not that I have partaken

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Netflix Support Answers

March 11, 2008 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Figuereo: Thank you for your email. Mr. Hastings makes every effort to read each and every email sent

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