About Felix

felix.jpgUntil late this afternoon I had no intention of writing a blog post on our Nicasio Design blog. Then it hit me! I am not sure I have shared what my daily activities are here @ Nicasio Design. I must say that I am sort of ashamed to have overlooked the obvious for so long; In order to gain credibility – one must share some personal insight in a subject matter. So, here goes.

A little about me first. I am a NYC transplant to Savannah Ga., been here now for about 3 years. Loving it! My background allows me to draw from a wealth of experiences. I can often gain a pretty good understanding about people because I am familiar with common wants, needs and motivations. For example – I am from the Dominican Republic. I grew up in NYC, and served overseas for a few years in the US Army. So, I can talk platanos, bagels, and yeager schnitzels. Seriously though, I think I can hang with the best of them when it comes to conversing about the good things in life.

The things in life that motivate me are my family, the Nicasio team, and my deep passion for the historical perspectives of man’s role in nature. My family is pretty much my soul. They give me self worth and let me know who is really in charge. I get my fill of history weekly as I teach a few classes at UOP [ University Of Phoenix] Savannah campus. Nicasio, however, which is my mother’s maiden name, is a whole other story. The challenges we face daily – have helped us grow into our own as they say.

My role at Nicasio is really simple. Find qualified prospects, close the deals, manage the projects. So, I want to spring board from this post the begin to share some best practices which have helped us become the leading WordPress Design and Development firm in the world :0), as well as our entry in to the E-Commerce arena. Finally, I would like to share some experiences that have helped me personally better identify who our ideal clients really are.

Stay tuned…

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