A little self-promotion never hurt anyone…

Well, the 2009 Savannah Addy Awards (an awards show sponsored in part by the American Advertising Federation, who’s purpose is to protect and promote the well-being of advertising) has come to an end – and although we didn’t come home as the BIGGEST winners of the night we did however manage to bring home 1 Silver Addy in the “Logo Design” category! And for this being our very first Savannah Addy’s we are quite pleased with the Silver and look forward to winning many more Silver and even some Gold awards next year.

So, who was the logo for you might be wondering? Well, a very nice gentleman came to us looking to start a new web venture and needed our help designing and developing his brand and social networking website dealing with “Self-Actualization”. So I set out to design an effective & emotional brand keeping his hopes and dreams in mind… and this is what came from our brainstorming process:

Let’sReflect.com Logo

Please feel free to visit his website (by clicking on the logo above) and join his community to meet new friends who are all on the same journey of Self-Actualization.

Honorable Mentions

Too often the development and functionality of a website is overlooked due to the design immediately grabbing your attention and the Addy’s are strictly for Advertising – NOT functionality – however, I think this is an appropriate time to mention that we also had a major role in developing two of the 2009 Savannah Addy Award winning websites:

I personally believe that when dealing with websites – a design will only get you so far. In order to be an award winning website you also need it to function as the designer envisioned.

So, congrats to all the designers AND developers at the 2009 Addy Awards! As for the 2010 Addy’s – WATCH OUT SAVANNAH – ‘cuz here we come!

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