What to Think About When Expanding Your Business

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What to Think About When Expanding Your Business

Expanding can be a major challenge. Even if you’ve been around for a while and have an otherwise established business, you’re essentially entering uncharted waters with your growth endeavor. There will be obstacles to navigate and success is not guaranteed. 

Making the right considerations and, essentially, ticking the right boxes can maximize your chances of success. Nicasio Web Design & Development lists a few crucial things to think about before moving forward with your expansion drive:  

Growth strategy

Your growth strategy can make or break your success. Businesses commonly follow one of several strategies when expanding – market penetration, product diversification, venturing into new markets, and more. NotifyVisitors offers other strategy examples. You should choose the right strategy and have solid short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. To pick the right strategy, research the market, understand your customers, and assess your business objectively. 

Risk assessments and fallback plans 

A thorough risk assessment can help you identify potential obstacles in your way. You should prepare a risk management strategy along with your growth strategy to understand what you’re up against and figure out ways to manage risk. Furthermore, having a fallback plan may be a good idea, in case your plans get derailed. It can help you manage the fallout and move in a constructive direction. 

Market research and customer surveys

Understanding the state of the market and your ideal customers is critical. Market research will help you meet customer expectations, address their pain points, and find new markets to serve. The best way to uncover market data is, arguably, to talk to customers directly. You can create surveys to gather pertinent information. By incentivizing participants, you can increase survey response rates, engagement, and response quality – all allowing you to gain more valuable insights. Some nice incentives to offer are cash, gift cards, prepaid cards, or making a charitable donation in their name. If you’re not sure where to get started, this may be the ideal solution

The talent: Current team, new employees, and tie-ups

You will need good people to man the stations when you expand. If you’re planning on using your current team, you may need to prepare them practically and get them on board mentally with your expansion plans. If you’re recruiting new people, you will need a reliable recruitment process that can vet incoming talent and onboard them quickly. Finally, you may need to network with and approach potential expansion partners – like agencies or companies in complementary niches. 

Funding and financial projections 

Expansion can be expensive – you will need to pay for talent, testing, new products, marketing, and more. Also, it could take you several months to see returns from your investment. As such, you will need to have enough funds to pay for everything. It’s a good idea to check the numbers before moving ahead. Also, you may need to line up a new source of funds (like new investors). CEO World Magazine offers funding ideas

Work processes and scaling 

Your work processes determine how you deliver your product or service to your customer. When expanding, there may be an additional burden on your processes. Can they withstand the pressure? It may be a good idea to have a test run or two before officially kickstarting expansion. Also, it may be a good idea to check scaling best practices.

Marketing and branding 

Every growth initiative needs a marketing campaign backing it up. Marketing is how you’ll generate interest and get your customers’ attention. It’s a good idea to create a tailored marketing campaign to accompany your growth efforts, with a mix of offline and online initiatives. Furthermore, you may need to change up your branding to make yourself more accessible.  

Updating your website 

Last, but not least, don’t forget to update your business website. It can inform new and existing customers about your growth initiative, generate interest, and generally help your business in various ways. If your website is a part of your growth strategy – if you’re starting a web shop, for example – you’ll need to scale it. Nicasio Web Design & Development can help you create a beautiful, professional-looking website that leaves a positive impression on visitors.  


Pulling off your expansion initiative will take careful planning and goal-setting. Consulting with business coaches and experience people in your niche can help, as can building up a solid team. For the best results, follow business best practices and learn from the successes of major businesses. 

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