Top Ten Colleges Using WordPress

People love top ten lists. I’m pretty sure there are even top ten lists of the top ten reasons why people love top ten lists. As a recent college graduate (Go Dawgs!), I thought it would be fun to look at how colleges and universities are using custom WordPress sites. It’s a great example of how experts like those at Nicasio Design can design your WordPress site. WordPress is so much more than blogging. Just take a look at what people at these colleges and universities were able to accomplish with a little bit of WordPress design. In no particular order, these are my top ten.

1. Vanderbilt Magazine:

Vanderbilt uses WordPress to produce a monthly online magazine. Filled with great articles and pictures catering to alumni, you would never know you weren’t holding a glossy magazine. We live in a time when protecting the environment is important to many people. Subscribers are making the move to online paperless magazines. Vanderbilt Magazine and WordPress show you how easy designing an online magazine can be.

2.University of Arkansas at Little Rock:
U of A Little Rock uses a customized WordPress site for its homepage. The site looks great and is able to provide plenty of links to anything students, faculty, or fans need to navigate through the rest of the website.

3.Wake Forest University:
If you want to see what WordPress can do in the extreme look no further than Wake Forest’s website. Completely run on WordPress. How cool is that?

4.Harvard Gazette:
We can’t very well have a list of colleges and not include Harvard. The Harvard Gazette is Harvard’s official newspaper and now, with the help of a custom WordPress, it’s available to anyone online.

5.Oregon State University Admissions Blog:
Anyone who has every applied to college knows that the Admissions office can be a scary thing. But OSU has a lot of fun with it, too. They provide a blog of anything a new student needs to know about the comings and goings on the OSU campus.

6.Northeastern University Information Services:
Serving all students and faculty (over 20,000 students alone!), the Information Services department uses WordPress to host their site. I can’t help but think an ITS at a major university would know the best from the best and WordPress is the best.

7.Bowling Green State University Blogs:
Let’s face it: blogging is the new thing. Celebrities and sandwiches, cats in wigs, hipster Disney characters—there’s literally a blog for everyone. Some colleges and universities have taken advantage of this growing trend by providing a free personal blog to any student who wants it. BGSU Blogs is one of those student blogging sites and it has an amazing design.

8.USC Master of Arts in Teaching:
This site does something amazing—it offers a MA in Teaching online. Something as important as a degree understandably cannot be left to just any CMS. WordPress gets the job done with this amazing looking and easy to navigate site.

9.The University of Maine:
The University of Maine is another site that is mostly powered by WordPress. It’s a great site for students and faculty. Information on the site looks great and is easy to get to.

10.  MIT Libraries New:

Who can’t get through college without visiting a library? WordPress makes it easy for students at MIT. The site is designed to be clean and easy to navigate. You can’t use the excuse you couldn’t find research material with this WordPress design.

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