Spotlight: The Lighthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast

WordPress is good for business. This is convenient because Nicasio’s business is designing WordPress websites, and they’re great at what they do. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at their latest site launch, The Lighthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast.

The Lighthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful beach cottage located on Tybee Island on the Georgia coast. The Lighthouse Inn wanted a great site that could help them beat their competitors. Luckily for them WordPress is the perfect platform to help them with their online marketing. How many people call or search through travel books for information? Not many after the advent of Google. This is especially true when your business is a part of the tourism industry. You want people from all over the world to find your site, and WordPress, as we say at Nicasio, is loved by Google. The people from The Lighthouse Inn have this to say about the team at Nicasio, “Felix, Dan, and Chris were fabulous to work with. I love my new site.” Let’s take a closer look at the little details that make the custom wordpress design of The Lighthouse Inn a great website.

The Lighthouse Inn site is embellished with a wealth of pictures of The Lighthouse Inn so that you already feel like you know the place even though you’ve haven’t  been there yet. This is a necessity to boost rental. Does anyone really want to stay in a place they can’t really get a feel for online? WordPress lets The Lighthouse Inn store hundreds of photos. This helps the user peak inside the Inn.

However, WordPress is much more than what the site looks like. WordPress is amazing because of the hundreds of little tools WordPress offers and a WordPress design professional like those at Nicasio can take those tools and customize a site for you. For example, The Lighthouse Inn site includes design features like passing users on to their 2rd party booking and availability engine. That page provides everything you need to book a getaway.

WordPress also gives you tools to provide an impressive amount of information about the inn. The Lighthouse Inn site gives you a history of Tybee Island and The Lighthouse Inn and lists of things to do while visiting and the big events happening during the current month. This is important in attracting travelers to the destination during vacation time.

Of course, WordPress is known as a blog engine as well, and it would be foolish to let this tool sit on a shelf collecting dust. Everyone blogs. It’s a great opportunity to really speak to your customer. The Lighthouse Inn uses their blog to update previous and future vacationers on topics from local news to even recipes.

The Lighthouse Inn is a beautiful destination and it needs a site just as beautiful. Nicasio has done a wonderful job designing that site. Let them provide their awesome custom WordPress design servies for you today!

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