Custom WordPress Design and Development for Inside Sonoma

Here’s what I think you should do: I think you need to check out Nicasio’s latest site development, Inside Sonoma. Why? Because between the layout, the ease of use of the site, and the overall Sonoma experience, there is no better online tourist magazine.

Let’s check out the first impressions of Inside Sonoma. The site is bright and inviting. There are plenty of photographs that attract the eye to each article. The information is organized into title headings at the top of the page, and then along boxes on the right side of the page. One of my favorite features upon first viewing the site is the large search box in the right corner of the page. Inside Sonoma provides tons of articles and videos about Sonoma County. It is important to make the site searchable so anyone looking for certain information about locations, restaurants, or recipes can easily find each article. The search box can also be found at the bottem of the page and each page the site links to.

Speaking of the ease of use of the site, let’s look at how the site is organized. It’s easy for a print magazine to be organized because it has a table of contents. Each article in the magazine is listed in the table of contents by the page it appears. All you have to do is flip to the corresponding page. But what do you do when everything appears on one page? How do you find the links to the articles you want to read or videos you want to watch? It is all about how you strategically organize the links. Finding the right CMS like WordPress, for example, helps, and of course there’s hiring professionals like those at Nicasio. Type in the address,, and you have a whole tourist magazine at your fingertips. You want to find a great restaurant in Sonoma County? Then all you need to do is click on the “Dining” link and you’re taken straight to the food and culinary archive. If you want to take it a step further, say you know the name of the restaurant but would like a review, all you have to do is type in the name of the restaurant in the search box and it will take you straight to any articles with that name.

Now, what’s the overall goal of Inside Sonoma? It’s the same as any other business—to get you to do something—the call to action. Inside Sonoma would like you to visit Sonoma County. This site does a great job of providing any information you need to do this. It’s easy when you use Worpdress. They allow an unlimited amount of options. One of the first things you see on the site is the easy access to their social media—Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and e-mail. They provide all the things you need to really experience Sonoma. The site gives anyone interested in booking a vacation an insider’s guide, events, and even daily deals. I know I want to book a vacation after checking out their Flickr page. Just look how pretty Sonoma is!

Was I right or was I right? Inside Sonoma is a great site. It’s inviting and neatly organized which is necessary to creating a magazine. I have some advice for you. Do you want your site to be as great as Inside Sonoma? Hire professionals like those at Nicasio. They can use tools like those WordPress offers and create a site for you that looks great and provides all the information you need for your site visitors.

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