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Best Web Image Use Strategy

Best Web Image Use Strategy The United States population is exposed to different businesses, products, and services through images on websites, social media, and elsewhere. According to the Yellow Pages, images play an important role in website enhancement. They allow your products to come to life for the image’s viewer and therefore boosts the chance of their conversion […] read more.

Finding Keywords That Work for Your Website

How do you determine what keywords work for your site? In researching keywords one of the most important, valuable, and highly productive activities is the study of your market’s keyword demand. You can learn which terms and phrases to target if you have good SEO skills, and while at it – also learn a little more about your […] read more.

Web Design Yes, but trust must also be well designed

When it comes to developing relationships, whether with clients or members, there are 4 fundamental rules to follow. Read Emily Beaver’s article and unearth the details: Strategy #1: Give customers a consistent experience > A branded Wild Apricot Theme can help Strategy #2: Create an emotional connection > Tell them why your organization is passionate about its mission […] read more.

Website Security & Best Practices

Website Security & Best Practices. Today’s Web Environment is Chuck Full Of Threats At Nicasio Design we see a huge range of infection types all the time, but our goal is to help our customer prevent a website hack then to help repair one. Here are a few tips to help prevent a website hack: 1- Use a […] read more.

Nicasio Design Services

We are often asked [if] we provide one service type or another, and as hard as it is to say no to some [types] of new business – we need to stick to our 3 core proficiencies and never try to be jacks of all trades as they say. The 3 core Nicasio Design Proficiencies are: 1- Custom WordPress […] read more.

Steps to setting a marketing budget

Step 2- he identifies as knowing where you will spend your budget. Now this is tricky, but if you think about it knowing how to best reach your demographic is tied to point #3 in his article; measuring performance. Knowing how to reach your demographic is only attainable [in this writer’s opinion]   by using a little common sense […] read more.

Top 6 Website Design Trends to Look For in 2016

Responsive web design

A few years ago, we used to have the same experience pretty much on every website though there always has been some variety in typography, illustrations, colors, patterns and pictures. However, gradually we have seen certain drastic changes in the design and layout of websites. As we look at 2015, which is already half over, it has been […] read more.

7 Features You Can Expect To See in Magento 2

Magento is the most recommended e-commerce platform that is used worldwide for developing e-commerce sites or online stores. There are several reasons that make this platform so popular among businesses interested in setting up an e-store. In fact, over 200,000 merchants around the world are running their sites on the Magento platform. And so, you’ll certainly want to […] read more.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making Your Site Mobile

Click on the image here to see if your website pages are mobile friendly using Google’s tester… Things to consider: Do you see your site’s navigation being restructured in any way that would cause a new menu(s) to be created just for the mobile version(s)? Or, is your goal a basic restyling of the current menu(s) to work better on mobile devices? […] read more.

7 Innovative, Inspiring E-Commerce Stores Built on Magento

The examples often help deliver remarkable results with a greater proficiency. They can inspire you to make strives in the right direction and avoid the loopholes left in the previous solutions. Indubitably, Magento is a fabulous eCommerce platform that is lauded for its scalability, security and flexibility. Its utile attributes have helped it garner immense popularity across the […] read more.

Case Study: A Functional “Dream Store” Using Shopify

Site – YouthToThePeople.com Task – Create a custom beautifully functional Shopify  store for our client with client provided design concepts. The result – A dream store which Shopify Calls “Snazzy and Tight.” Give is a whirl and hey let us know if you too are in the market for a slick looking and functional Shopify store. Nicasio Design […] read more.

Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Ecommerce Platform ASAP

Top 5 reasons online merchants cite for replacement of their current E-commerce platform: 58%: To improve business agility 56%: To lower overall operational and ownership costs 51%: To align the cost of ownership against our online revenues 51%: To support our multichannel initiatives 51%: To speed up deployment of new features and functionality When is the best time […] read more.