Why my current website sucks?

Website Pain Points by Nicasio Design

Signs your website sucks and reasons why it is so:

1- If you ask yourself the question ‘does my current website suck?’ then it is likely because you already understand there is a problem.

2- Another sign is if you suffer from or are ashamed and embarrassment to share your website with peers or prospective clients or members.

3- Do you often fear telling others where to find your website because it has not been updated in the last 6 or more months?

The above is but a short list of signs and reasons why your website sucks. But, what do you do about it and where do you start in order to fix the issue? To add insult to injury you may find yourself in and intimidating situation while talking to a tech vendor which may result in selecting the wrong one who may either rip you off or puts you in a even more embarrassing situation by leaving you high and dry. Here are 7 pointers to moving in the right direction:

1. Your Website Design is Confusing:
Make it intuitive. Using an expert designer like Nicasio Design Lead Design Team Members we can express in an aesthetically pleasing way what you have in mind as far as your ideal look and feel.

2. Website Page Load Times:
Users are not patient! To be honest with you… we have worked on our website consistently and recently have been able to score above an 80% health checkup with page load times. It is an on going process. Much like SEO. There is not silver bullet. We can design and develop a solution as well as provide the on going support to continuously improve the page load times.

3. You Have Low SEO Score:
If they can’t find you, then you cannot engage them. A website with low page rank and overall SEO scores tend to not rank for the desired keywords or genre or demographics. Like I stated above, SEO is an on going part of making sure you are actively ranking well for targeted audience. Remember search engines want to provide the best possible relevant results for searches. Positioning your website well makes for such results on search and coupled with great redesign –  a great user experience.

4. Page / Website Load Error:
How embarrassing is a broken page? very! When users see error on your website, broke links, 404 page errors, functionality that does not work, etc… this sends a big message to your audience. The site is here and no one is minding the store. There are a tone of tools out there to help with this type of issue. Ask your tech professional for help. It’s best practices.

5. Hard to Manage the Website Content:
If I can’t make simple changes, then how confident am I in the website overall? The second best reason to move away from a website you are embarrassed of is so that you can take full control of it. CMS or Content Management Systems today offer a wealth of admin user functionality. From page edits to managing media and generating or exporting user data – these should all be at your finger tips. No excuses. Adding new fresh relevant content is also how we feed the search engines.

6. You Lack Full Confidence in Your Website:
Confidence is next to Godliness. Meaning, if you are confident in your website, then you are ready, willing and able to use it and present it for the entire world to gain access to your website offerings. This is where the rubber meets the road. if you are not confident of your website, Nicasio Design wants to help!

7. What’s The Goal:
Why did I do all this work? Now that your website is kicking butt what happens next? A good tech partner would add Google Analytics and send you monthly reports, help you interpret them, and make on going adjustments and improvements to help you reach those objectives; more members, longer time on website pages, leads generation, etc… making your website work for you is what it is all about.

Something is plainly wrong with your website if it isn’t doing what it was designed to do. Working with a professional website developer can assist you in realigning your website with your objectives in order to obtain the greatest results.

Do you require assistance in personalizing your website? For website owners like you, the Nicasio Design team delivers end-to-end development, marketing, and design services. Begin altering your online persona right now!

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