4 Honest Reasons Why You Need A New or Redesigned Website

Web Redesign

Web Redesign4 Honest Reasons Why You Need A New or Redesigned Website

Let’s be honest, you need a new or redesigned website to keep up with business today.  You can’t just leave your webpages sit for months and not touch them like in years past.  Here are four honest reasons why you need a new or redesigned website.


The Content is Old

When we first start a project like a new or redesigned website we get excited and pour everything we have into it.  Over time though other things take priority and it’s easy to forget how important the little things can be.  Your content isn’t a little thing though.  New content keeps up with your SEO, keeps your readers coming back, and keeps Google crawling your website more often.  The more visitors you get, usually the more business you generate.


It’s Not Mobily Optimized

The world lives with computers in their hands now in the form of mobile devices.  Almost everyone gets online from their phones multiple times per day.  A new or re-designed website is going to load faster on today’s newest technology.  However, if your site is old and outdated it will take forever to load because it’s not mobily optimized.  Think about it this way, you want to make a purchase right now, but the page takes forever.  You get frustrated and close your phone.  You just lost that customer. That’s reality and that is never what you want.


Your Website Is Outdated

Years ago webpages were smaller and fit into more of a sheet of pager width.  Today, people want dynamic wide websites that draw their attention.  You want your website to make a splash! If you are struggling with using an old template, boring colors, or confusing fonts, it’s a sure sign that a new or a redesigned website is the right choice for you.


It has a bad user experience and is hard to navigate

If your index doesn’t make sense and your user is always having trouble navigating your website, you can lose them as customers. You should always do your research and see what people in your industry are doing on their sites. When you create a new or redesigned website for your company, always make sure to build it so that it is an easy experience for your customers now, and in the future.

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