Using Functional Website Design to Improve Online Sales

Using a Great Website Design to Improve Sales

Using a Great Website Design to Improve SalesUsing a Great Website Design to Improve Sales

Did you know that 94% of customers create their first impressions about your business from your website design? Not only this, but your website also has the power to persuade a customer to buy from your business.

So how can great website design improve sales? Let’s find out.

A Responsive Design

Responsive design means that your website will be functional and display all the elements properly on devices of all sizes. If a mobile user accesses your website, then a responsive web design will ensure that your website appears in the right size, offers easy navigation, and is thumb-friendly. This will ensure that your target users will have the same terrific experience that they have on a desktop website.

Having a responsive website design is crucial for a business’s sales since about 73% of customers buy via mobile devices.

Website Customization

A customized website will set you apart from your competition.A good website design will consist of a beautiful and unique website theme which can be customized to reflect your brand identity and message. You can change the layout, color, shape, and font of your website to match the voice of your business.

In addition, businesses need to ensure that their website offers a responsive and mobile-friendly experience and works well on all devices, making it convenient for customers to access it and improving chances of sales.

Search-Engine Friendly

No matter how beautiful your website design is, if it is not search-engine friendly, it will not pop up in relevant search engine results. This means you will lose thousands of dollars in business.

A search engine-friendly website will follow all the guidelines of Google, including fast page speed, optimized images, an organized and intuitive navigation, high-quality link juice, and value-adding content. Making your website design search-engine friendly means your website will have a higher chance of getting catapulted to the top of the search engine results pages.

A Clear and Obvious Call-To-Action

If you want your website design to increase sales, create a clear and obvious call-to-action on your page that can help users figure out the next step in the buyer journey. If your CTA does not stand out, you will miss out on sales.

A good CTA offers concise but effective details of what will happen when you click the button. A CTA that says “click here to download a FREE eBook” rather than just a “click here” will engage the audience, making it easier for them to find the things they are actively looking for and increase your sales.

Visuals play a vital role in increasing your audience’s engagement and convincing them to stay longer on your website, as opposed to when you just have blocks of solid text on your website.

The best website design company will make sure that the website visuals are high quality and optimized so that they do not appear blurry or pixelated and will load quickly with the page. In addition, businesses should add customized images to their websites rather than stock images, which have a very impersonal feel.

Keeping the audience engaged for longer increases the chances of higher sales for your company.

Fast Loading Speed

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 52% of visitors are likely to leave it. For businesses, this can mean hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, of loss.

If your website is not fast enough, it is important to submit it to Google PageSpeed Insight and find out its load time. Google will also suggest ways to improve the website’s page speed so that it loads quicker.

By improving your website speed and loading time, you can improve your sales.

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