3 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Wild Apricot Website

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wild apricot themes 3 Simple Secrets to totally rocking your Wild Apricot Website

Rocking your Wild Apricot Website is easy with these 3 simple secrets. Your Wild Apricot Website is an overall business tool that you will use more each day.  It’s like having an assistant which you are not worried about the job getting done or not.

Here are 3 simple secrets to helping you work smarter not harder while using your Wild Apricot website.

1| Utilize all the features available in Wild Apricot

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the Wild Apricot tools at your fingertips.  Within your Wild Apricot website you have features that just make sense and make your life so much easier.  Need private areas? Easy emails to all members?  Newsletters?  Within your Wild Apricot Website you have all this and more available to you.  Here are more of the great resources you need to start using today:

  • Password locked member-only area
  • Join us page and membership form
  • Events calendar and registration pages
  • Newsletter or blog
  • Member forum
  • Member directory
  • Online store


2 |  Keep Track of what works and what doesn’t

When you jump in and set up any additional pages you might need, such as a blog or a newsletter, watch what is working and what isn’t. Built in analytics help you learn which features are working best for your Wild Apricot website and what is not best for your audience.  Based on the stats you can see; you can be flexible and adapt to your needs and link the pages together the way you’d like.


3 |  Use a custom Theme

Make a splash to your online presence with a custom Wild Apricot custom theme.  You don’t want to look like everyone else and why should you?

Making your mark into the Wild Apricot website space is super easy when you utilize the option of a custom theme.  A custom theme is engineered to auto-scale to different hardware, which means an optimized experience for those accessing via mobile devices.

Everything from membership applications to event registrations can be done on a smartphone without having to develop any additional code. Your user stays on your Wild Apricot site longer and it captures their attention. This is also helpful because Wild Apricot website themes and email templates, which are also mobile-friendly, and responsive. They readjust to a device’s screen size and your user doesn’t have to worry about missing a thing.

If your web visitor is using a PC, mobile device, laptop, IPad, or other device you keep them on your pages, which in turn gets you members and customers.






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