Search Engine Optimization

SEO Basics & Tools

There are simple and smart ways to do [SEO] things, and when it comes to tools [free ones especially] well here are some really helpful free ones you will love: PageRank Checker: By SEO Centro, this neat little tool allows you to check the pagerank for your website. Note this is NOT where your site places on a keywords […] read more.

Don’t Piss Google Off

What Google [May] Want You to Do Black hat marketing techniques are a great way to piss Google off, and they usually won’t end well for your business. By playing by the rules and manifesting all the qualities of a great website, you can get Google to like you and increase your rankings. Sometimes the most effective thing […] read more.

Google Offers Safe Browsing Site Status

Google calls it the Transparency Report, and it presents users the opportunity to checkout a website’s security before actually engaging the website. Google says that their “Safe Browsing technology examines billions of URLs per day looking for unsafe websites.” And as a result “[they] discover thousands of new unsafe sites, many of which are legitimate websites that have been […] read more.

Nicasio Design SEO Magic

With a little effort and a little know-how anything is doable. Just ask our SEO client’s and they will tell you we know us some SEO. Example – ArlingtonHouse.Org Issue – 0 ranking for desired keywords Result – Simple 3 month plan to gain some momentum and wallah! Ranked pretty highly just after a few months of SEO […] read more.

Google Rich Cards

First there was search. Then came mobile search. Following Mobile search was Rich Snippets. And now Google introduces Rich Cards. Don’t get too happy – the categories are limited to Recipes and Movies for now. Read the full Introducing Rich Cards post here.  Google tells us that it will soon add more categories. To see the newly proposed categories […] read more.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making Your Site Mobile

Click on the image here to see if your website pages are mobile friendly using Google’s tester… Things to consider: Do you see your site’s navigation being restructured in any way that would cause a new menu(s) to be created just for the mobile version(s)? Or, is your goal a basic restyling of the current menu(s) to work better on mobile devices? […] read more.

The Difference Between Mobile Optimization, Mobile Design and Responsive Design

Is your site Google approved mobile friendly? Find out now! Have you ever noticed that mobile optimization differs from mobile design? Example – the image rendered in this post is from iphone 5 rendering of a mobile optimized website. If you visit you will not notice a big difference from the mobile site to the standard site. However, […] read more.

Best WordPress SEO & Social Media Plugins

Traffic is the bread and butter of any website, right from those monetizing a myriad of niche blogs to full-fledged web stores hosting hundreds of amazing deals. SEO, awesome custom WordPress Design and Development, and Social Media campaigns, together, make up for pretty much the core of what site owners have to help them achieve web success! SEO WordPress plugins – […] read more.

The end of organic search

In this article by Aaron Harris co-founder of Tutorspree he outlines a disturbing fact  about how [if in fact we can replicate this] Google is killing organic search for revenue generating ads. Much of the space previously used for organic results is being chomped up by ad space and be mindful [if] Google considers you a competitor, you are also moving down on […] read more.

Time to redesign your site

With technology changing as rapidly as ti does, many business websites that were created a few years ago are in dire need of a redesign.  While there were only a few different design elements being used a a few years ago, new and much more creative websites are popping up all over the web.  There are many reasons […] read more.

Nicasio Full Service Online Marketing

Allan S. Nicasio Client””We recognize the difficult market we are experiencing. To achieve excellence, we needed to be strategic, creative, and responsive. There’s little doubt in my mind that the Nicasio Design team possess these skills and flawlessly executes the strategy each and every day. Our partnership with Nicasio has helped us maintain our online marketing objectives and […] read more.

Nicasio E-Commerce Site Launch

This is just another example of a wizbang job by Nicasio’s Underwood – Cannon team! Client: Savannah Communications. Need: New web property to help them promote their exclusive distributorship of Motorola Radios in Savannah Georgia. Solution: Nicasio proprietary E-Commerce solution; NicE-Comm! Chris has come up with a real winning design concept that helps accentuate Savannah Communication’s unique selling […] read more.