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Our customers say:
“The continued, reliable support that I have received from them for the past five years on my WordPress  website is what really sets Nicasio Design apart from any other group I have ever worked with. They are completely reliable, consistent, and trustworthy. Custom WordPress Design and Development done right.”

You will be happy with the result – It’s the Nicasio promise!

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Chief Design Officer

Chris Underwood knows no boundaries when it comes to designing your next big project. He sees opportunity where others see limitation.

So passionate about design and web development, Chris literally whips up solutions for Nicasio’s clients in his sleep!

He is a lover of all things nerdy and fantastical.

Chief Executive Officer

Felix Figuereo is a business aficionado and your liason to the world of Nicasio.

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Felix will answer!

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Cannon is not just a code wrangler but also a technology consultant.

Gathering the technical requirements for your custom website, he makes sure Nicasio can deliver on those needs.

If what you have in mind could lead you or Nicasio down a path of high resistance, he’ll propose alternate solutions always keeping things like timeline, budget, and website usability in mind.

He’s here to help you launch the next big thing!

Custom WordPress, Magento E-Commerce & Wild Apricot Design and Development Specialists.

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Custom WordPress Design and Development?

  • Give you control of your website with a simple and yet robust CMS.
  • Allow you to refocus your efforts on your core proficiencies.
  • Deliver a solution within budget and on time.
  • Present options not dictate direction.
  • Partner with you and solve problems.

Transforming Design into Custom WordPress Websites?

  • WordPress is a powerful CMS – with over 18% of the top 10 Million sites using WordPress. A custom WordPress design can be made flexible, SEO friendly and easy for you to use. As a content-management system, a WordPress Design website puts you in control. A WordPress website development by Nicasio Design is customized to have the look and feel that your brand needs and requires.
  • Powerful – WordPress is a feature rich content management system with a lively and vibrant community of WordPress designers and developers
  • Versatile – WordPress can be made to look any way you want – just look at one of our custom WordPress Design projects
  • SEO Optimized – We optimize all of our WordPress sites so that you will be quickly indexed by the search engines.
  • Content Management – With the latest version of WordPress the feature set surpasses most other open source systems on the market
  • Open Source – An open source solution has several advantages. No licensing fees, the software is community driven, and new features and updates come often
  • Customizable – Open source means we can modify and extend the code base as needed for your project

What is the Nicasio Difference?

  • At Nicasio Design, we take the time to work one-on-one with you so that we can meet your WordPress design and development needs. Always keeping your interests as a priority is our priority. Our team has 44+ years of combined experience in the technology industry. We can help take an idea you have for a WordPress Design site and turn it into a completely custom WordPress design that is developed uniquely to you.
  • We’re not happy unless you’re happy. We value all of our customers and want them to succeed.
  • Professionalism, responsiveness and experience. We are not overseas, nor are we sitting in our parent’s basement. We have a physical location / office, massive WordPress Design experience, and the ability to make your goals come to life.
  • We are not a startup that might disappear at any moment. We have been around for well over 8 years and are steadily growing. Our team has a combined 44+ years experience in the technology industry.
  • Simply put – “I have already received fantastic responses on the custom wordpress design Nicasio Design worked on for us, and look and feel of the site is fantastic! Looking forward to continue to work with you Nicasio Design and WordPress Design team.” Tybeebb.com

What Now?

  • Call us today (912) 441-7011, or contact us online for a quote. We can help build you new WordPress design or help with an existing WordPress development.
  • Contact us online or call us at (912) 441-7011 for a free quote.
  • We look forward to hearing from you and helping you meet your goals.
  • Custom WordPress design and development of your website on to WordPress is only a call away.
Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works. -Steve Jobs.

Whether our client is an organization, business, or even an individual user, they all desire to have an online presence. Using a custom WordPress Design gives our clients the exposure that they want while also providing them a unique, functional and easy to navigate site. Using a WordPress website also gives our clients the control over the content presented on the site. Having a custom WordPress design gives a business an advantage over their competition by showing professionalism and impressing their current clients as well as attracting future clients. A custom design also pays close attention to detail, allowing the clients exact requirements to be executed and increasing the overall effectiveness of the site. This site is a perfect example of how a custom design can help improve a business’s online presence. The new site is simple and eloquent, as well as easy to navigate. Most importantly, it represents the company appropriately. If building an appealing and successful web site is what you desire, then having a custom design is the solution to your needs. No matter the scale or nature of the site, you can be sure that WordPress will meet and exceed your expectations.