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packages below:

Wild Apricot Website Theme Setup Package $999

  • Consultation & Theme Selection
  • Best Practices & Process Flow
  • Wild Apricot Theme Setup
  • Wild Apricot Minor Content & Images Add
  • Payment Integration
  • Point DNS & Add SSL

Pre-Fab Wild Apricot Website Theme Package $2999

  • Integration of Nicasio Design Pre-Designed Theme
  • Custom color palette based off of client logo
  • Integration of client logo to header
  • Up to 12 client provided images added site-wide
  • * This package does not include theme layout modifications, and content cleanup.

Wild Apricot Website Theme Refinement Package $2999+

  • A site design consultation with talented design team member. During this consultation a Wild Apricot template will be chosen.
  • The completed site design will include the following:
    • Basic site background color or image
    • Basic header incorporating your logo and other assets
    • Basic design for the main navigation menu
    • Basic default font style
    • Basic hyperlink style incl. mouse over / hover style
    • Basic heading text styles for H1s, H2s, H3s, and H4s
    • Basic unordered (bulleted) and ordered (numbered) list styles
    • Basic quote (blockquote) style
    • 1 Basic Wild Apricot “Gadget” style (recent news, upcoming events, recent forum activity)
    • Basic footer text and footer hyperlink style
  • Integration of site design elements into the pre-determined Wild Apricot template.
  • One round of revisions to the entire site build.
  • * This package does not include layout modifications.
  • * This package does not include custom form submit buttons or button hyperlinks.

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Custom Wild Apricot Website Theme Package Call for Pricing

Not happy with the basic Wild Apricot templates? Need some custom functionality? Let us create a custom solution for you:
  • Completely Custom Website Design
  • Completely Custom Layout
  • Custom Navigation Functionality
  • Custom Member Application or Event Registration Processes
  • Custom Data Imports
  • Content Migration
  • Language Toggler Functionality
  • Custom Form Submit Buttons
  • Dynamic Page Breadcrumbs
  • Dynamic Page Titles
  • Newsletter Template Design & Development
  • Custom Javascript/JQuery/AJAX Functionality
  • Banner Ads
  • and more…
Whatever the problem may be– let us help you find a solution!

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