Monthly Archives: October 2017

WordPress Website Security

The latest targeted attacks at WordPress websites seems to indicate that there will be more and more attacks as we get closers to the end of 2017. From brute force to complex, and theme attacks will not go away. So, what can a site owner do to protect his investment, his brand, his web presence? One option is […] read more.

Hiding WordPress Login Page

Is there any benefit to hiding the WordPress login page? AKA Wp-Admin page. Well, there are a few different schools of thought on this matter and we will gladly point them out. According to WordFence Security it is not because [per WF] most WordPress website hacks happen via 1 or a few of the following ways: 1- Vulnerabilities […] read more.

SEO Basics & Tools

There are simple and smart ways to do [SEO] things, and when it comes to tools [free ones especially] well here are some really helpful free ones you will love: PageRank Checker: By SEO Centro, this neat little tool allows you to check the pagerank for your website. Note this is NOT where your site places on a keywords […] read more.