Hiding WordPress Login Page

Is there any benefit to hiding the WordPress login page? AKA Wp-Admin page. Well, there are a few different schools of thought on this matter and we will gladly point them out.

According to WordFence Security it is not because [per WF] most WordPress website hacks happen via 1 or a few of the following ways:
1- Vulnerabilities in your Plugins
2-  Vulnerabilities in your Theme(s)
3- Vulnerabilities in your WP Core

The true prevention per WordFence comes by using security plugins like WordFence which by default locks out users who say fail to login after X attempts. Also, their premium option blacklists IPs before the attack happens. Further, two factor authentication is also another option.

Basically, hiding the WordPress login page without taking any protective measures is simply “security through obscurity”  and highly ineffective.

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