SEO Basics & Tools

There are simple and smart ways to do [SEO] things, and when it comes to tools [free ones especially] well here are some really helpful free ones you will love:

PageRank Checker:
By SEO Centro, this neat little tool allows you to check the pagerank for your website. Note this is NOT where your site places on a keywords search result. Rather [according to Google] PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is.

Ranks and what they mean in simple terms:
0] You’re not even listed on Google PageRank list.
1] Very poor, but hey – at least you are listed.
2] Poor, but you have potential to move up and it can be done.
3] Average. You have good information and most websites fall in this ball park.
4] Above average. You’re sprinting away from the majority.
5] Good. Page Rank 5 will usually pop up on the first page of some searches.
6] Great. You’ve worked hard and have great information.
7] You’re hot and you’re one of the top sites. Your peer is Zillow.
8] You’re super hot, and your peers are CNBC, EBay, Bing, American Idol.
9] Everyone wants you, you are like: Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.
10] Finally, the 10s: Google, CNN,, and social bookmarking website AddThis.
SRC = Self Sagacity


Look for Keywords, positions, and the importance of competitors [knowledge thereof] in our follow up post.

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