WordPress Website Security

The latest targeted attacks at WordPress websites seems to indicate that there will be more and more attacks as we get closers to the end of 2017. From brute force to complex, and theme attacks will not go away. So, what can a site owner do to protect his investment, his brand, his web presence?

One option is scan and protect your website to proactively monitor any potential issues before they happen. And in the event they do, have a team available to immediately tackle any issues impacting your website.

Effective today, Nicasio Design will offer the following services to WordPress website owners:

Clean WordPress sites found to have malware
If you are blacklisted by Google or disabled by your host, we can help
Nicasio will clean your WordPress website and protect it from future attacks
If you are under DDoS attack, or brute force attack… we can help

Nicasio website security services will stop hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities and protect your WordPress website.

Contact us today for pricing and options.

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