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Optimizing Your Wild Apricot Website

How To Optimize Your Wild Apricot Website The ever changing demands placed on the modern website require quick and efficient adaptability in order to remain relevant to your visitors. This is especially true for designers, whose business is always evolving and challenging. The goal of a great Wild Apricot website is not only to attract visitors, but to funnel those visitors into a desired action; […] read more.

Custom Wild Apricot API Magic

Nicasio Design Custom Wild Apricot API Magic Example #1 – Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) Task – A Custom Event Attendee / Member Directory The Result – Normally, a Wild Apricot’s event attendees list shows the attendee’s Name, Date of Registered, and a link to their profile (if attendee is a member). For example – see image below: Our task though […] read more.

Website Security & Best Practices

Website Security & Best Practices. Today’s Web Environment is Chuck Full Of Threats At Nicasio Design we see a huge range of infection types all the time, but our goal is to help our customer prevent a website hack then to help repair one. Here are a few tips to help prevent a website hack: 1- Use a […] read more.

Wild Apricot Custom Theme Launch

Every once in a while we are presented a real challenge that ultimately makes its way on to our Wild Apricot portfolio. This is the case with the newly launched Connect Denmark Wild Apricot custom website. The challenges: Danish Language Foreign country based client Custom Wild Apricot APP The result, as you can see for your self is […] read more.

Nicasio Design SEO Magic

With a little effort and a little know-how anything is doable. Just ask our SEO client’s and they will tell you we know us some SEO. Example – ArlingtonHouse.Org Issue – 0 ranking for desired keywords Result – Simple 3 month plan to gain some momentum and wallah! Ranked pretty highly just after a few months of SEO […] read more.

Key Features Of a Successful Wild Apricot Website

For over 8 years now we have been developing and designing Wild Apricot websites and themes. We want to share some insight, but first let me present you with some of the internal logic for us undertaking this approach: – We Love Wild Apricot users and their organizations – We prefer to work with the Wild Apricot Membership & Events CMS […] read more.

7 Steps To WordPress Success

7 Steps To WordPress Success What are 7 things that can help a WordPress user become more proficient in the use of the CMS? We have an idea as to what they may be – read on… 1. Ask the Right Questions: When faced with making a decision, we often overlook one key factor… asking the right question(s). […] read more.

Nicasio Design Services

We are often asked [if] we provide one service type or another, and as hard as it is to say no to some [types] of new business – we need to stick to our 3 core proficiencies and never try to be jacks of all trades as they say. The 3 core Nicasio Design Proficiencies are: 1- Custom WordPress […] read more.

Before & After – New Nicasio Theme #WildApricot

Before we addressed the Georgia Arborist website needs, this is what they worked with as a live Wild Apricot website.           After we were finished with their website… well see for yourselves. Custom Nicasio Design Themes for Wild Apricot have never looked so darn food!   What can we do for your Wild Apricot website […] read more.