Website Security & Best Practices

Website Security & Best Practices.

Today’s Web Environment is Chuck Full Of Threats
At Nicasio Design we see a huge range of infection types all the time, but our goal is to help our customer prevent a website hack then to help repair one. Here are a few tips to help prevent a website hack:

1- Use a long & complex password with 12 characters or more, a random combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and include upper and lower-case letters.
2- Don’t use the same password on other websites or accounts. If one of your sites is hacked this can result in the others getting hacked too.
3- Change your password regularly – at least once per month on all your accounts not just a website.
4- Use two-factor authentication if possible. It may seem like a hassle, but it can prevent unauthorized access which is critical.
5- Ensure you have a contingency plan just in case. Off site backups are always recommended.

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