Custom Wild Apricot API Magic

Nicasio Design Custom Wild Apricot API Magic

Example #1 – Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA)

Task – A Custom Event Attendee / Member Directory

The Result – Normally, a Wild Apricot’s event attendees list shows the attendee’s Name, Date of Registered, and a link to their profile (if attendee is a member). For example – see image below:

Our task though was to develop a Wild Apricot API script to showcase a specific event’s attendees in a more detailed manner by showing more of their profile details while also grouping the attendees by country.

Our script also allows the Wild Apricot admin to change the event needing to be pulled from easily to avoid having to contact Nicasio when a new event’s listing is needed.

Example #2 –Integrative Diagnosis

Task – CustomWild Apricot website Member Name or Location Proximity Search with Google Maps API
The Result – Our task was to develop a Wild Apricot API & Google Maps API script to showcase members and various profile fields in a Google Map and List view while allowing a user to search by a member’s last name or by a location including an additional proximity (distance from location) feature.

The Result – OurWild Apricot script also loads custom icons in a member’s listing for the different types of services they offer and is controlled by each individual member when editing their profile to select or unselect services from a multiple choice field.


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