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Google Glass and Its Impact on WordPress Design and Development

Advancements in technology are what keep web developers on their toes and nobody is doing that better than Google. Google Glass first made its way onto the scene for developers in February 2013 and as with most new technology it had some bugs. Internet users could browse the web, but visiting a website was more difficult, especially if […] read more.

NicE-Comm Integrated to Americart

Willow Brook leather approached us looking for a design update to their successful website. They were interested in the ease of use and power of our NicE-Comm platform for managing their product’s pages on their website, but still wanted to keep the power and simplicity of their Americart checkout process. The solution was to build a custom website […] read more.

Creative Thinking + Custom WordPress Design

“Creative thinking and the determination to push the limits on innovation are the hallmark characteristics of entrepreneurs.  Having a strong presence on the Web gives business owners a great launch pad to showcase their innovative spirit and build brand awareness for the products and services they offer.” source. The question is – what does a strong presence on […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: R&J PR

Nicasio Design is proud to publicize the launch of our newest custom WordPress Design and Development project. R&J Public Relations required a full-bodied content management system that allowed them to manage, edit and display numerous diverse types of data in innovative ways. With several site editors, a simple and intuitive backend interface was required. The solution we chose […] read more.

What Can Content Management Do For You?

There is nothing more frustrating to an organization then not being able to edit its website content when it needs to. The days of relying on the web guy to do this are pretty much over. Or, are they? In this article I want to address the concern I have regarding the growing number of organizations who are beginning to realize that there has got to be a easier […] read more.

Why Custom WordPress vs. Free WordPress?

If you’re like most people you’re always looking for ways to cut expenses out of your budget.  And right now, spending money on a custom WordPress design may seem like an extra expense that you just can’t seem to justify, especially not when there are free WordPress templates out there that you can simply tweak a little to […] read more.

Tarver Games PR Dept.

“Record time is an understatement! Your team performed exceptionally and met all of our internal deadlines. Tarver Games PR is thrilled with how great the site looks, and how simple it is to update and maintain. Thank you for making our company launch tangible with a killer website!”

WordPress Site Launch – Tech Webinar Maven

At Nicasio, we’re passionate about technology. So, it’s always a treat when we get to work with someone on a project who is equally as passionate about technology. That was the case with one of our recent WordPress site launches Tech Webinar Maven (TWM). TWM needed a site that allowed for the management and addition of a large […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch – Life Design for Lawyers

We are proud to announce the launch of one of our latest WordPress design and development projects. Life Design for Lawyers (LDL). LDL came to us looking for a down to business design and layout that was easy for them to manage on their own. The result – a custom design developed on WordPress. Larger screenshot after the […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch – Insight Adventures

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest WordPress project here at Nicasio. Insight Adventures needed a website that was both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and easy to manage. The solution: A custom Nicasio design built on WordPress of course. This site also makes use of our Dynamic Headers WordPress plugin to add a […] read more.

We Are Proud to Launch the New SBAC WordPress Site

This is a custom WordPress site that we are particularly delighted with. The Small Business Assistance Corporation came to us with a website that had a load of great content, and a convenient online loan application process. They needed to restyle their website and reorganize their vast amount of content in a more user friendly way. SBAC also […] read more.

Nicasio Goes to Sonoma

OK, we didn’t actually goto Sonoma (although we wouldn’t mind a vacation), but we did just finish the new custom design and development project for Inside Sonoma ( Inside Sonoma required a dynamic site to handle their large amount of content. This project consisted of a custom logo design, custom WordPress design, and the development of that design […] read more.