We Are Proud to Launch the New SBAC WordPress Site

WordPress Design Development SBACThis is a custom WordPress site that we are particularly delighted with. The Small Business Assistance Corporation came to us with a website that had a load of great content, and a convenient online loan application process. They needed to restyle their website and reorganize their vast amount of content in a more user friendly way. SBAC also needed a full-bodied content management system to easily manage their large amount of data. WordPress is the solution to their problem.

The Client: The Small Business Assistance Corporation of Savannah
The Website: http://www.sbacsav.com

Before and After

This is a screenshot of the previous SBAC website. While it definitely got the job done, they wanted to move towards a more modern and elegant solution.

Old Website:

Old SBAC Website

New Website:

SBAC Custom WordPress Design with Flyout Menu

As you can see we replaced their static menu with a more user friendly, dynamically generated flyout menu. This solution is 100% CSS based so it should work across all modern browsers regardless of of javascript options. It also presents the most important data in a more accessible way to the end user.

WordPress as a CMS

With a site the size of this one, the problem not only becomes how to present this amount of data, but also how to manage the existing content and create new content. This is where WordPress stepped in. Using the built in CMS capabilities of WordPress we were able to create a website that is easily managed by the SBAC staff without the need for a web developer. The custom WordPress theme is built in such a way that it will dynamically grow and be able to accomodate all future content with little to no modification of the theme files themselves.

Custom Functionality

One of the more interesting aspects of this site is the fact that site visitors can actually fill out their small business loan application and related forms right on the website, in a secure environment. Using custom functionality in the WordPress admin, the staff at SBAC can then view and manage the submitted applications right from within the WordPress administrative suite.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the great staff at the Savannah SBAC for allowing us to help them with their new web presence and for all their hard work on their end of this project. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.

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