What Can Content Management Do For You?

There is nothing more frustrating to an organization then not being able to edit its website content when it needs to. The days of relying on the web guy to do this are pretty much over. Or, are they? In this article I want to address the concern I have regarding the growing number of organizations who are beginning to realize that there has got to be a easier […] read more.

WordPress as a CMS – Part 2

On Wednesday we published an article covering the usage of WordPress as a CMS and some of the basics behind the concept. Today we follow up the theory article with some actual real world experience. After the break you will find several examples of some innovative ways that WordPress is being used as a content management system. Examples […] read more.

WordPress as a CMS – Part 1

If you’ve been around Nicasio Design & Development long enough, you’ve probably noticed that we’re always talking about using WordPress as a CMS. But what exactly is this CMS thing anyway, and why should you use it? Let’s break it down. CMS stands for content management system. WordPress’ administrative area turns it into a CMS because it provides […] read more.

E-Commerce Copywriting – Thoughts on Writing E-Commerce Content

About the author: Dan Cannon is the Lead Web Applications Developer for Nicasio Design and Development. Nicasio provides web based solutions for both individuals and businesses. Nicasio is highly proficient in WordPress design and development. Nicasio also owns and operates the E-Commerce solution NicE-Comm. At some point or another I’m sure we have all taken a writing class […] read more.