E-Commerce Copywriting – Thoughts on Writing E-Commerce Content

About the author: Dan Cannon is the Lead Web Applications Developer for Nicasio Design and Development. Nicasio provides web based solutions for both individuals and businesses. Nicasio is highly proficient in WordPress design and development. Nicasio also owns and operates the E-Commerce solution NicE-Comm.

At some point or another I’m sure we have all taken a writing class of some kind. You probably learned how to write an essay or short stories. While incredibly useful (it’s very important to be able to write and communicate in any profession), these writing styles do little to prepare you for e-commerce copywriting. With the ease and lower cost of starting a business online, many entrepreneurs are turning to the Internet for their new business ventures. This is causing a rise in the number of e-commerce sites. While looking at these sites you may notice one of the most blatantly absent parts of these sites is good copy.

How Do I Write Better E-Commerce Copy?

This is a question asked by many new online vendors. You have a great product, a nice shiny, new website populated with your products. You’ve spend the money on marketing and generating traffic to your new website, but your sales just don’t seem to be what they should. What’s the problem? More often than not the problem stems from poorly written e-commerce copy.

When you first learned how to write you were probably learning to write for purpose of informing or for entertaining. When writing content for e-commerce websites you have to truly be a jack-of-all-trades writer.

Your content should:

  • Inform the reader in detail about the product.
  • Be entertaining, but not so entertaining it takes away from the product description.
  • Be written in such a way that creates a sense of urgency for the customer to want to buy the item right then (a little Marketing 101 can help here).

Chances are unless you’ve taken a class on copywriting you probably have never thought of writing this way, and even if you have your e-commerce content could easily be missing one of these key items since writing for web and writing a description for a product on a shelf in a store can be very different things.

While I don’t claim that I can make you a great e-commerce copywriter with a few tips from this article I hope I can point you in the right direction. You might want to check out 2 previous articles I wrote a few months back:

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Most importantly: keep researching.

Look at successful e-commerce sites. What do their product descriptions bring to the table that yours do not? Which of your items are your best sellers? What is different about the content you’ve written for those items. Don’t be afraid to revise your e-commerce content until you find the right combination of being search engine friendly, but also converting sales.

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