WordPress as a CMS – Part 2

On Wednesday we published an article covering the usage of WordPress as a CMS and some of the basics behind the concept.

Today we follow up the theory article with some actual real world experience. After the break you will find several examples of some innovative ways that WordPress is being used as a content management system.

Examples after the break.

Telfair Museums

Telfair has 3 museums. They wanted to manage all of them in one location while keeping the content separate.
The solution: A custom WordPress site developed by Nicasio Design. Notice how it doesn’t look at all like a blog. That’s the power of using WordPress as a CMS, and hiring developers who know how to tap into the power of WordPress.

Our Life Fresh

Our Life integrated content from external sites as well as an e-commerce system. Again, looks nothing like a blog on the front-end, but runs just as easily in the back-end. That WYSIWYG editor really makes life easy for everyone at Our Life.

Inside Sonoma

Inside Sonoma not only uses WordPress as a CMS, it also pulls in feeds from social media sites like Twitter allowing for a full community, networking type of experience.

And those are just a few examples of what using WordPress as a CMS can look like. Check out some more here: https://nicasiodesign.com/wordpress/design

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