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Hiding WordPress Login Page

Is there any benefit to hiding the WordPress login page? AKA Wp-Admin page. Well, there are a few different schools of thought on this matter and we will gladly point them out. According to WordFence Security it is not because [per WF] most WordPress website hacks happen via 1 or a few of the following ways: 1- Vulnerabilities […] read more.

New Custom WordPress Design & Development Launch

New PQMInc.Com

The best part of the work we do here are Nicasio Design and Development is, well… launching new websites. The smile this brings to our customer’s faces is priceless. This is the new and improved PQMInc.Com website [click on the image to visit the site]     The old PQMInc.Com [at right], though functional, lacked a way to feature […] read more.

Case Study: A Modern, Streamlined WordPress Site Delivers Unique Content

Once in a while we are given the opportunity to address a much needed website redo. Enter StarQuest.com Site – www.starquest.com/ The Challenge – Design, develop, migarte content, optimize and launch a new CMS for the management and delivery of StarQuest.com’s unique and highly targeted content. The Solution – A fully custom look and feel. Meeting strict client-side functional requirements. Running […] read more.

3 Things You Must Understand About Your WordPress Template

Long term success with website creation owes a lot to a thorough understanding of the core essentials of website’s anatomy. With unwavering control over the fundamentals of website design, developers can explore the full spectrum of web applications and technologies, with the confidence that they will be able to build upon the foundation and create cross compatible, delightful […] read more.

5 Basic Steps To Great Web Design

There are basically 5 major parts to a successful website project: 1- Design consultation 2- Wire Frames 3- Design 4- Development 5- Revisions/ Optimization/ Launch In the upcoming series of posts we will be developing insight to each item above starting with the Design Consultation. Keep in mind these are tips of the trade. Each project, client, firm […] read more.

Are You Making These 5 WordPress Design Mistakes?

Indubitably, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System today. It not only facilitates effective and efficient web development, but also gives you the scalability to expand its functionality to almost unlimited ends. WordPress CMS can help you create and maintain a successful online presence with utmost ease and precision. However, to ensure its optimum performance there are […] read more.

Make Your Site Run Faster With This Simple and Effective Tactic

Do you think that just by optimizing a WP site in every aspect (with minifies JavaScript, CSS, compressed images, etc.) is enough for achieving minimum possible loading time? If you have implemented all the methods for speeding up your website, one thing that you probably have missed out would be creating a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Content Delivery […] read more.

Custom WordPress Design V. Pre-Fab Theme

We are often asked to provide a cost estimate for a new website. One of the best things we do is provide our clients with the cost for their projects as we shoot for 95% accuracy in our quotes. But before we can tell a client how much, we need to understand what ‘exactly’ it is the client has […] read more.

WordPress Theme Customization

Often our clients want to take the simple approach. So, selecting a theme, telling us what they like and want to change on it, and finally allowing us to take it to the refinery. This is the result… Checkout the new  Clementine Rae Dot Com/

Custom WordPress Design & Development

The Client: bioprocessintl.com/ The Challenge: A new custom design to be developed on to WordPress CMS. Wait! This new design would need to consider the fact that all Bio Process websites, all 4 of them, would now run on the one CMS. The result: See for yourself. As, I like to say, the collaborative efforts of both client and Nicasio […] read more.

Appealing Nicasio WordPress Design Examples

Appealing WordPress Design Examples and How it Can Help Your Business What was once “just” a blogging platform, WordPress has become a prominent leader in the content management arena. One reason for this is the level and flexibility of aesthetic, technical and social media customization – the amazing array and quality of WordPress design that is possible on […] read more.

Doing Websites Right

WordPress Design

How Will They Find You? A poorly designed website will not only turn customers away, but they might never find it to begin with. Take SEO for example, this is a technique used to make it easier for major search engines like Google to find and index a website, and it requires the use keywords strategically via meta […] read more.