New Custom WordPress Design & Development Launch

New PQMInc.Com

The best part of the work we do here are Nicasio Design and Development is, well… launching new websites. The smile this brings to our customer’s faces is priceless.
This is the new and improved PQMInc.Com website [click on the image to visit the site]

Old PQMInc.Com
The Old PQMInc.Com



The old PQMInc.Com [at right], though functional, lacked a way to feature the vast number of impressive projects and clients that make up the PQMInc.Com family. With this new custom wordpress theme PQMInc.Com can now do all that and more…

Now with the improved layouts and features, this new PQMInc.Com website offers the user a wealth of easy, quick, and intuitive access to its content. See below custom graphic and right column project slider.

Slider & Graphic The Graphic & The Slider –

FooterA custom site-wide footer contact form –

Neat display of PQMInc.Com projects –


There are many more improvements throughout the new PQMInc.Com website. If you are in the market for a new or improved custom WordPress website, juts give us a holler. We’d be glad to help.


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