Hiding WordPress Login Page

Is there any benefit to hiding the WordPress login page? AKA Wp-Admin page. Well, there are a few different schools of thought on this matter and we will gladly point them out. According to WordFence Security it is not because [per WF] most WordPress website hacks happen via 1 or a few of the following ways: 1- Vulnerabilities […] read more.

Essential LinkedIn WordPress plugins to connect with new customers

Looking to integrate LinkedIn into your WordPress website? As the leading social media network for professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to connect and interact with each other in a business manner, LinkedIn has become an integral part of the recruitment process in almost every industry. Moreover, this unique social networking site has a very focused and different user base. […] read more.

Best WordPress SEO & Social Media Plugins

Traffic is the bread and butter of any website, right from those monetizing a myriad of niche blogs to full-fledged web stores hosting hundreds of amazing deals. SEO, awesome custom WordPress Design and Development, and Social Media campaigns, together, make up for pretty much the core of what site owners have to help them achieve web success! SEO WordPress plugins – […] read more.

Make Your Site Run Faster With This Simple and Effective Tactic

Do you think that just by optimizing a WP site in every aspect (with minifies JavaScript, CSS, compressed images, etc.) is enough for achieving minimum possible loading time? If you have implemented all the methods for speeding up your website, one thing that you probably have missed out would be creating a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Content Delivery […] read more.

The Nicasio Team Stretches Their Development Arms Out to Africa


Having worked with Moguldum on each of their 7 website brands in the past— when it came to developing an eighth website— they chose Nicasio yet again for our expertise and efficiency in developing custom WordPress website solutions. read more.

Dynamic Header Plugin Kudos

We love it when the WordPress community embraces the work we do and expresses it to us: “This plugin is fantastic. It’s a good thing that developers like Nicasio make my programming life easier.” DH Plugin User march/2011

Dynamic Headers Hits 30,000 Downloads

Our very first publicly released WordPress plugin – Dynamic Headers – officially reached 30,000 downloads today! I just happen to check out the plugin stats page right after it happened and I was able to grab a screenshot. This may not seem like a lot compared to some plugins, but it’s only been out 9 months! Thanks to […] read more.

Dynamic Headers Plugin Clears 20,000 Downloads

We just wanted to send a big thanks to the WordPress community. As of today our Dynamic Headers Plugin has been downloaded over 20,000 times!

Dyanmic Headers 3.4.5 Released

Nicasio Design is proud to announce the latest version of our Dynamic Headers plugin for WordPress. This version makes some optimization tweaks while functionality remains the same. Click to Download the Latest Version

Dynamic Headers 3.1 Released

We are proud to announce the launch of the latest version of our WordPress plugin, Dynamic Headers. Version 3.1 fixes a couple of small bugs, but more importantly, makes the plugin compatible with WordPress MU and the upcoming WordPress 2.8. The previous release made Dynamic Headers compatible with WordPress 2.3+. This means Dynamic Headers should now be compatible […] read more.