Make Your Site Run Faster With This Simple and Effective Tactic

Do you think that just by optimizing a WP site in every aspect (with minifies JavaScript, CSS, compressed images, etc.) is enough for achieving minimum possible loading time?
If you have implemented all the methods for speeding up your website, one thing that you probably have missed out would be creating a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Speed UP WordPress

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – A foreword :

It basically refers to a network of servers that are located at different locations across the globe and performs the caching of static content like image files, JavaScript files, and more.

Since with WP CDN, the static resources are stored on an agile network of loading servers, it can remarkably reduce the server lag. What it does is, it saves a copy of the website’s static content on its server and whenever a user lands on the website, the nearest server sends the requisite content to him without any substantial delay.

While there are numerous CDN options available out there, making an absolute choice can be a daunting task. You can streamline your choice by strictly focusing on your requirements, however, your site popularity also plays a great role in determining which option can better serve your needs. Here are certain key aspects that can help you choose an appropriate one.


  • Network performance: This involves the location of your potential users and number of servers required for your CDN.
  • Support: Check what kind of customer support is the CDN service provider is offering. It can be an email support, technical guidance over a phone call, or chat support; and find the support availability, whether it is available for 24 x 7 or for certain specific period. To ensure all these, it is recommended to read the service level agreement thoroughly.
  • Charges: Make your budget and check whether you will get any compensation when network outages.
  • Technology: It entirely depends on the type of website you are running, for instance, are you running a gaming website, or you need streamline downloads.

Other than looking for CDN provider services what you can do is, install a WP plugin that can help you create your very own CDN. There is no dearth of plugins in the WP repository and if you are interested in creating a specific one, you can hire the suitable services of a wordpress plugin development company. However, the Google Drive as WordPress CDN plugin can help you improve your site’s performance by allowing you to establish a CDN. Let’s see how you can use this plugin.

Google Drive

Implementation of Google Drive As WordPress CDN plugin :

With this plugin, all the static content of your site will automatically get synchronized with your Google Drive account, which can deliver the appropriate content whenever a user lands on your site. This process ensures reduced web server load and low page loading time.

Since, CDN helps reduce internal server requests and improves the page loading time, it is advisable to follow a desirable service and establish CDN, especially if your website is targeting global customers. Services like CloudFare CDN, Amazon Web Services, etc., also help create CDN but the aforementioned plugin is ideal for developing an effective CDN. Enhance your website performance by simply installing and activating Google Drive As WordPress CDN plugin.

About Amy Brown: Amy is an avid follower of all things WordPress, works as a web developer in , a WordPress development services provider company. When Amy is not developing, she is writing what makes WordPress so singularly amazing and how to leverage this platform for maximum effect.

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