Essential LinkedIn WordPress plugins to connect with new customers

Essential LinkedIn WordPress plugins to connect with new customersLooking to integrate LinkedIn into your WordPress website? As the leading social media network for professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to connect and interact with each other in a business manner, LinkedIn has become an integral part of the recruitment process in almost every industry. Moreover, this unique social networking site has a very focused and different user base. Thus, dropping in LinkedIn functionality into your site will help you drive a particular type of traffic to your website.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn also provides you with specific social plugins. You can use these plugins to link your site with this social networking channel without using a third-party plugins.

Here is the list of top 8 popular plugins you can use on your website.


    1. WP LinkedIn

WP LinkedIn is developed by Claude Vedovini that comes with a range of LinkedIn-related functions to allow you to integrate various parts of your LinkedIn profile into your WP site. WP LinkedIn allows you to show the essentials of your profile in an aesthetically appealing window. A similar function enables you to show your network updates onsite with an available shortcode.

Impressive features of WP LinkedIn

  • Comes with a wide variety of widgets to choose from – one for displaying your network updates, one for recommendations scroller and the two to show a profile card.
  • Integrated with a range of shortcodes to customize the look and feel of the plugin including [li_picture], [li_updates] and more.

       2. LinkedIn SC

LinkedIn SC is a powerful, multipurpose and advanced WordPress LinkedIn plugin that offers a creative method to show your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress website. The plugin is optimized for SEO as well as speed to improve your rankings on the search engines. LinkedIn SC enables you to show each field from your LinkedIn profile through shortcodes on your WordPress page or post. You can choose to show both privately kept and publically displayed fields.

Impressive features of LinkedIn SC

  • Comes with a range of shortcodes
  • Highly customizable and easy to use
  • Also integrated with various shortcodes to parse company public profiles  


     3. LinkedIn Auto Publish

LinkedIn Auto Publish offers a new way to display your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress website. As the name suggests, the plugin helps you automatically posts text to your LinkedIn profile.

If you are one of those who don’t have enough time to invest on social platforms, LinkedIn Auto Publish is a perfect option for you. The plugin also lets you utilize the most popular WordPress interface to perform the job of posting text message to LinkedIn profile.

Impressive features of LinkedIn Auto Publish

  • Publish simple text message to LinkedIn
  • Publish message to LinkedIn with image
  • Filter items  to be published based on categories
  • Filter items to be published based on custom post types
  • Enable or disable WordPress page publishing
  • Customizable  message formats for LinkedIn  


    4. FB LinkedIn Profile

FB LinkedIn Profile is one of the most advanced WordPress LinkedIn plugins that helps you easily show your LinkedIn profile on your website. The plugin adds a profile summary card to your website’s pages and posts.

FB LinkedIn Profile plugin comes with an easy to use and configure settings which enable five easy customization – the profile link, the profile name and the title.

The plugin also allows you to enable or disable the connections display on the website.

Impressive features of FB LinkedIn Profile

  • Lets you show your LinkedIn connections
  • Comes with a display format options
  • Integrated with only icons options


    5. LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool

LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool is a flexible, versatile and invincible WordPress LinkedIn plugin that is packed with a complex way of showing your LinkedIn profile on your website. You can easily get the data with the plugin’s REST API. You can structure and process the data obtained depending upon the plugin’s template.   

Impressive features of LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool

  • Equipped with a Smarty templating engine to process the profile data and creates a page
  • Allows you to create posts for each position in your profile, enabling you to add more detail
  • Enables ex-coworkers and coworkers to provide recommendations through the WordPress commenting system


    6. LinkedIn Company Updates

LinkedIn Company Updates is yet another popular and powerful LinkedIn WordPress plugin that enables you to show company updates from your official LinkedIn profile on your WP site. The plugin employs various shortcodes to show the updates with a wide range of options. LinkedIn Company Updates also allows advanced users to show updates with the help of PHP in their theme files.  

Impressive features of Atom LinkedIn

  • Comes with Custom CSS classes option
  • Lets you display token expiration date
  • PHP implementation option
  • Optional custom styling
  • Copy & paste customizable shortcode
  • Responsive default styling
  • Allows you to display Images in feed


    7. LinkedIn Login

LinkedIn Login, as the name suggests, allows you to add one-click LinkedIn login for WordPress. The plugin makes the registration process a lot easier for your users and thus enables you to attract new customers and/or subscribers.

Impressive features of LinkedIn Login

  • Users can register with their LinkedIn account using one-click
  • User’s First Name and Last Name are automatically updated from LinkedIn
  • Use the shortcode [wpli_login_link] to display the sign in link anywhere on your site.
  • Just enter your LinkedIn API Key and Secret Key, under the settings page and you’re ready to go!


    8. Floating Social Bar

Social media has garnered a lot of popularity among web users. And thus making your website social media friendly can help you drive a lot of traffic to your website. If you are looking to add a LinkedIn share button to your WordPress powered website, Floating Social Bar is an ideal choice for you. It not only integrates LinkedIn share button but also allows you to add various other social media sharing buttons.

Impressive features of Floating Social Bar

  • Extremely easy to use and integrate into your website
  • Lets you add the share button on top or bottom of your pages and posts.
  • Comes with a drag and drop interface to control the order of social sharing buttons
  • Also, offers a template tag for custom use
  • Integrated with a metabox to disable social media on particular pages or posts
  • Optimized for speed

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