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Custom Wild Apricot Theme Design & Development by Nicasio Design

The old is usually quickly and easily forgotten. Why do we say that? Well…  think about it a minute. What was the last item you saved up for and purchased? If you cannot quickly think of it, then you are like most of us. We work for it. We obtain it, and then we move on to repeat […] read more.

Live Oak Library WordPress Magic

The new and improved Live Oak Library website is now live. < —  This is the old site look and feel. The client was happy with the organization of the old site, however they needed a better calendar and just a cleaner look overall. Many of the offline activities of the library were very labor-intensive. The client has multi-branch events with different […] read more.

New Refined Wild Apricot Theme

The best way to show how the before and after Wild Apricot Themes we work on for our clients – is to simply share a visual and allow it to speak for itself. This is the default Wild Apricot Themes as it looked before Nicasio Design refinement of same. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing bad about a […] read more.

New Custom WordPress Design & Development Launch

New PQMInc.Com

The best part of the work we do here are Nicasio Design and Development is, well… launching new websites. The smile this brings to our customer’s faces is priceless. This is the new and improved PQMInc.Com website [click on the image to visit the site]     The old PQMInc.Com [at right], though functional, lacked a way to feature […] read more.

WordPress Pre-Launch Checklist

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So now you are about to launch your new custom awesome sauce WordPress website. Here are some best practices you can follow before you push the [Publish] button: 1. BACKUP EVERYTHING (database and files). 2.Check for broken plugins/functionality/etc. 3.Upgrade everything (plugins and core WP). 4. Revert backwards and/or fix any issues. 5. For goodness’ sake, change your admin […] read more.