Live Oak Library WordPress Magic

Before Live Oak The new and improved Live Oak Library website is now live.

< —  This is the old site look and feel. The client was happy with the organization of the old site, however they needed a better calendar and just a cleaner look overall. Many of the offline activities of the library were very labor-intensive. The client has multi-branch events with different venues and times. A new and improved way to organize, categorize, and publish their calendars was needed. Though there were many options for this, most did not handle multiple venues and times very well. Solution?

Mew Live OakThe new and improved Live Oak Library website now boasts of a series of premium theme customizations made via a child theme to avoid future theme upgrade pitfalls. We also created a bunch of custom widgets and secret custom functionality for the new website.

There has been a ton of customizations to the Events Calendar plugin made via custom functions and CSS. But the one thing we can truly boast about is how the client had such a consistent and impressive hand in making edits to the site’s look and feel. It is awesome working with clients who like to roll up their sleeves and take on a few tasks.

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