Monthly Archives: December 2013

Google Glass and Its Impact on WordPress Design and Development

Advancements in technology are what keep web developers on their toes and nobody is doing that better than Google. Google Glass first made its way onto the scene for developers in February 2013 and as with most new technology it had some bugs. Internet users could browse the web, but visiting a website was more difficult, especially if […] read more.

The Hottest Trends in WordPress Design

WordPress as a CMS has come a long way from its inception in 2003. As we approach 2014, we have reviewed the hottest trends that are quickly gaining momentum in the world of custom WordPress design and development.  These six features are giving custom WordPress designs a huge boost in popularity as a maturing versatile website software with […] read more.

Nicasio Design Work Featured

Love it when our work is featured. In this caption we see a custom Nicasio Design on the Wild Apricot membership management platform.   For more of our custom Wild Apricot and custom WordPress design and development, please visit our Nicasio Design porfolio page.

Is Your WordPress Website Sending the Right Message?

Everything from the type of font you use to your featured image, your WordPress website is sending a visual message to your audience. As a successful business owner, you know what makes your customers tick. You’ve done the research and provided a product or service that fulfills the demands in a specific market, but to grow your business, […] read more.

Why the Right WordPress Design Firm Matters

WordPress got its fame as the preferred platform for bloggers, but it has quickly evolved to be one of the most versatile website formats available. A custom WordPress design can target any niche. In fact it’s only limitation is the custom website development firm you choose to build your custom WordPress website. Unique custom WordPress themes can accommodate […] read more.

Image is Everything with a Custom WordPress Website

Welcome to the information age where the majority of consumers compare and shop online. Having a website isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, but not just any design will do. The look and feel of your WordPress website can influence the decisions consumers make when visiting your portal. If you have chosen a basic theme with the intent […] read more.

3 Reasons Your WordPress Website Isn’t Working for You

Your pages load too slowly How many times have you scoured the WordPress forums searching for solutions to customize your WordPress design? To your great delight they have a plugin for that! The problem is, these plugins have become your primary solution to tweaking your WordPress website and now your pages take so long to load, and you […] read more.