The Hottest Trends in WordPress Design

WordPress DesignWordPress as a CMS has come a long way from its inception in 2003. As we approach 2014, we have reviewed the hottest trends that are quickly gaining momentum in the world of custom WordPress design and development.  These six features are giving custom WordPress designs a huge boost in popularity as a maturing versatile website software with virtually limitless potential.

Parallax scrolling Easy On The Eyes

This WordPress digital graphics feature allows background images to move slower than foreground images which makes the animation appear two dimensional.  Originally created for use in video game graphics, parallax scrolling is fast becoming a mainstream feature of WordPress websites that aim to tell a visual story. A WordPress design with this type of imagery adds considerable depth to the page.

Image Sliders Make Great Call To Action(s)

The name of this feature says it all. An image slider effectively slides an image horizontally or vertically. The eye-catching style is used to grab your attention when you land on a page. Graphics like this can elevate your WordPress design from basic to trendy when it’s used strategically. Successful businesses use image sliders to convey the progression of something, like a before and after comparison. Image sliders are also used on websites that demonstrate a focus on multiple ideas or concepts and for showcasing feature Ads. Advancements in custom WordPress design and development have unleashed creative opportunities for WordPress developers who specialize in web design. Think about how stores position their products. Making a clear and easy call to action is not hard. It just requires collaboration with your WordPress developer & designer.

Responsive WordPress Design Not Optional Anymore

If your WordPress design isn’t compatible with a mobile device, you risk losing the attention of millions of internet users. Responsive WordPress design was developed in response to an increasing need of make it easier for people on the go to search and view information on the web. As technology increasingly evolves to meet the needs of a mobilized world, responsive websites will continue to be in high demand. Custom WordPress design and development techniques are making it easier to incorporate responsive features to new and existing sites. Let’s not forget that here comes Google Glass!

Scalable Vector Graphics Better Than

Believe it or not this image format has been around since 1999, but it’s being used more today than ever before. With the shift to mobilization, SVG files are gaining in popularity for their small size and ability to compress easier than a JPEG or GIF file. This is where the advantage to having a WordPress developer create your website really takes center stage. Larger image files can slow down your page load time which annoys internet users, especially if they’re trying to view your page on their mobile device. Custom WordPress designs that use SVG files are less likely to experience page loading issues related to the size of the graphics. And we know people love eye candy. So why limit them if you can do it smarter?

Typography As An Art

More than just font size and style typography is the art of creating a visual message using type formatting. Line spacing, color, direction, and the line length of the text is also considered when crafting a typographic design. The creative use of the text can be as powerful as any image on your website and it’s a growing trend in custom WordPress design and development. Again, the biggest challenge is in the incorporation of mobile version of your WordPress website. In our opinion, bigger is not better when it comes to great typography.

Social Networking Feeds To Mature

Sharing buttons were the first big adaptation to connect with social media users when Twitter, Facebook and Instagram started to take off. The surge of instant notifications and immediate access to updated information has created a high demand for social networking feeds on WordPress websites. Internet users don’t want to have to login to their Facebook account to view your latest tweet, status update, or post while their visiting your website. Custom WordPress design and development methods allow WordPress developers to add social networking feeds to your WordPress design that will keep visitors on your website longer and encourage them to subscribe to your social media pages as well. So, what is next perhaps is the ability to show visitors [if] their friends are likers of your website? That would be pretty neat.

The internet is a highly competitive business arena and to stand out from the crowd companies that succeed are always focusing on the expectations of internet users. A custom WordPress designs need to be easy to navigate, compatible with mobile devices, as well as capture and hold the user’s attention. Today, it’s about the message you send and how you keep people engaged. At Nicasio Web Design & Development, we build custom WordPress websites that help businesses achieve these goals. Contact us to see what we can build for you!

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