Monthly Archives: May 2011

Websites are what fed them…

I don’t remember the world that was. Not before computers were our enemies. By the time I was born the world was all but over, teetering on its axis while the remaining living things hid from the computers. There are storms now, as if the world can feel that life has died out and is crying out for […] read more.

Custom WordPress Design Site Launch

Site launch: Chatham County-Savannah MPC Water Natural Resources Challenge: Consolidation of an abundant amount of site content for easy access by the general public while at the same time presenting a new clean and stylish design. The result: See for yourself! The new MPC site speaks volumes for Chris Underwood’s ability to take a complex task and make it […] read more.

We love customer kudos…

Felix, Looking forward to working with you.  Of all the web development companies we’ve looked at, Nicasio has  been the most responsive.  Just wanted you to know how simple things like good customer service make a big difference.  Keep up the good work. Nathan Custom WordPress Design Website

Site: Challenge: Finding a happy medium for a client who is new to running her own website while at the same time letting her define the custom look and feel the site should convey for her and her dermatology practice. Solution: A custom WordPress design and development by the master WordPress craftsman Chris CSS Underwood. Beautiful, functional, clean, and effective design.

Top Ten Reasons to Redesign Your Website

There are many reasons to redesign your website. I can think of at least ten. No matter the reason, a CMS like WordPress and professionals like those at Nicasio can take care of your redesign needs. These ten reasons to redesign your website are in no particular order, but all are important factors to consider. Key Words SEO […] read more.

NicE-Comm Integrated to Americart

Willow Brook leather approached us looking for a design update to their successful website. They were interested in the ease of use and power of our NicE-Comm platform for managing their product’s pages on their website, but still wanted to keep the power and simplicity of their Americart checkout process. The solution was to build a custom website […] read more.