Websites are what fed them…

Photo by LiebeDichI don’t remember the world that was. Not before computers were our enemies. By the time I was born the world was all but over, teetering on its axis while the remaining living things hid from the computers. There are storms now, as if the world can feel that life has died out and is crying out for some sort of mercy for the remaining few. The storms have only a small effect on the computers.

Websites are what fed them. Slow loading pages, out-dated graphics, no access to Facebook—sites like these gave the computers life. I suppose people took it as a joke at first. What their website looked like didn’t matter. In the early years of website design so many people took the easy way out. The cheapest way, do it yourself—few people took advantage of what a well designed website could give to their business or personal site. Think about it: no one ever visited sites that looked like they were designed by a non-professional and there were millions of them. Who could take those sites seriously? We didn’t notice that they started slowly disappearing until it was too late. The computers manipulated those sites into some sort of virus that spread quickly from computer to computer. Within only a few months they controlled everything.

Some rebel forces put up a good fight trying desperately to rid the world of sites in need of a redesign hoping to stop the computers before they gained too much power. The greatest of these heroes were a small team of trained website design assassins. Nicasio. They wanted to save everyone’s websites from the computers. What they could do was a thing of beauty. They were they best. Some say they had the power to take a site, dark and lifeless, with nothing more really than WordPress, maybe, and a couple of tricks up their sleeves and in no time could turn that site into something beautiful to gaze upon. Some people say they’re still around fighting. They say they won’t stop designing until every last human is dead.

But the computers have too much power now. It’s not up to us to save the world, but you. I heard the storms have opened small windows to the past. I hope this warning reaches you because if it does, if you’re reading this, there’s still time. Find a professional to design your website. Find Nicasio if they’re around in your time. Have them redesign your website. Be responsible for what you create. It’s the only way to save the world.

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