Top Ten Reasons to Redesign Your Website

There are many reasons to redesign your website. I can think of at least ten. No matter the reason, a CMS like WordPress and professionals like those at Nicasio can take care of your redesign needs. These ten reasons to redesign your website are in no particular order, but all are important factors to consider.

Key Words

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not something a lot of people were thinking about when they designed their website just a few years ago, and maybe you would like to redesign your website to include key words that generate more hits on your site. The discussion of SEO is a hot topic on the Internet. For a look at the growing searches for SEO, check out Google Trends.

Website Has Not Been Updated in Months or Years

I often find that people create a website when they start their new venture, but they never update it. It’s like leaving the “Closed” sign on the front door. Potential customers see the old website, the last update years ago, and figure this venture must be defunct. A redesign can be used to boast business. Take a look at this site. It’s for Space Jam. It hasn’t been updated since the movie came out and you can definitely tell.

No Longer a Hobby

On the flip side of the previous listing, perhaps your website started off as a fun hobby. You’re a blogger who suddenly has thousands of readers or you created a website for you and your friends that now has thousands of hits a day. You might want to take the time to redesign a website that is more pleasing to the new amount of visitors. Take a look at one of my favorite sites, Listverse. Listverse is a site of top ten lists. It’s become so popular they have published two books. I remember the site before their redesign. It was super slow and buggy. Now, it’s using WordPress and it looks great.


Think integration. A website is no longer words and graphics. A great website is designed to hold tools like blogs, forums, photo books, and social media. There’s no limit to what a website can be in the hands of professional website designers. EW’s Popwatch Blog is also a favorite website that is also hosted by WordPress. The site utilizes forums and allows users to link articles to their social media sites.


Let’s face it—people are attracted to pretty things. Even minor tweaks can attract new hits to your site. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your website, adding new graphics, changing the color scheme, or layout is an easy way to make your website more visually appeasing. Grain Edit is a cool site I stumbled upon. It features designs from the 1950s-1970s. If your website is about design, it has to look great.

Being the Best

If you’re running a successful business, you have competition. It’s a fact of life. Your website needs to be the best. When people are given a decision, they sometimes make their choice based on something as simple as this person’s website looks way better than this other person’s or maybe on whose site is easiest to use. Take a look at this site. Nice socks, but the site is so dark and the graphics are a little out-dated.

New Demographic

You’re doing a great job reaching your core fans or consumers, but you realize there’s an untapped market you would like to reach. Use a website redesign to your advantage. Design the website with the new market in mind and use the re-launch as a promotional tool. For example, GE’s Healthymagination. This site is the home for GE’s new healthy lifestyle initiative.

Integration of New Platforms

Own a cell phone? Then you know there is a new must-have phone released every few months. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of new technology. Websites are no different. Remember Xanga? It’s the blog site that was the cool thing to have pre-Facebook. Today, WordPress is the best CMS available, and if you’re not using it then it’s time to redesign.

Outdated Information

Just like technology, information can quickly change. Prices change due to inflation. Dates come and go and need to be updated. Even products and business models change over time. But what if your website is all about information? For an example, check out Piers Morgan’s blog on CNN. It’s hosted by WordPress and designed to update the constantly changing news cycle.

Hire Nicasio

Yes, my number one reason to redesign your website is because people who know what they are doing can do it so much better than you can. Sure, sites like WordPress make it simple to set up your own page in minutes. But if you want your website to represent you, it needs professionals like those at Nicasio.

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