Monthly Archives: February 2009

Nicasio E-Commerce Site Launch

This is just another example of a wizbang job by Nicasio’s Underwood – Cannon team! Client: Savannah Communications. Need: New web property to help them promote their exclusive distributorship of Motorola Radios in Savannah Georgia. Solution: Nicasio proprietary E-Commerce solution; NicE-Comm! Chris has come up with a real winning design concept that helps accentuate Savannah Communication’s unique selling […] read more.

Kudos Kudos Kudos

WordPress migration? No trouble. Nicasio helps both the big and the [not] so big. Customers respond to our exceptional service: “Wonderful, thanks for the quick work.” >> Andrew

WordPress – is now in the bag

Often we are challenged to take an existing WordPress site/blog, such as Wendy Lewis’ Beauty In The Bag, and transform it to its full potential without losing its already established aesthetic value. Well, bring Chris into the project, challenge him, and he transforms from mild mannered web developer to a WordPress super hero; AKA CSS Wizard. We are […] read more.

Another Awesome WordPress site

This is, by far, one of Chris’ best site designs. I know I say that about every site launch, but this time – he [and Dan] have taken WordPress design and development to a new level. OK enough about us! The customer – Need – new CMS design and development in rapid development mode. Actual turn around […] read more.