WordPress – is now in the bag

Beauty In The Bag

Often we are challenged to take an existing WordPress site/blog, such as Wendy Lewis’ Beauty In The Bag, and transform it to its full potential without losing its already established aesthetic value. Well, bring Chris into the project, challenge him, and he transforms from mild mannered web developer to a WordPress super hero; AKA CSS Wizard. We are very proud of the resulting Beauty In The Bag WordPress blog, and so is the customer. She rings praises for our CSS Wizard – “This looks great! You nailed it down. I am So excited.”

We seem to have a thing for people who are not happy with their current WordPress site/blog. We listen to your needs, we employ our expertise, and bring you to a happy place! Having problem with the look and feel of your current WordPress site/blog? Let us know. We’d like to help.

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