Nicasio E-Commerce Site Launch


This is just another example of a wizbang job by Nicasio’s Underwood – Cannon team!


Savannah Communications.


New web property to help them promote their exclusive distributorship of Motorola Radios in Savannah Georgia.


Nicasio proprietary E-Commerce solution; NicE-Comm! Chris has come up with a real winning design concept that helps accentuate Savannah Communication’s unique selling proposition; Exclusive Distributor of World Class radios in our area. With some CSS wizardry and PHP magic Nicasio ellegantly provides this custom solution to Savannah Communications.

About NicE-Comm

NicE-Comm can run either in E-Commerce mode or Catalog mode as Savannah Communications does today. This and many other fearures are available on NicE-Comm. Features like coupon creation and management, custom content page creation, customer management, and SEO friendly architecture.  Other features are:

  • Email and text message notifications of new orders.
  • Integration with a variety of payment processors to fit all budgets.
  • Ability to easily run store in ‘catalog mode’ for those that only which to showcase their products.
  • Powerful administration interface that allows you to view and process orders, generate sales reports, view your     customer database, create new content pages on the fly, manage your products, create coupons, and much more!
  • Scalability no product, categories, images limits of any kind.
  • Simplify the Customer Experience to make sure that your E-Commerce solution keeps your customers on YOUR website until their transaction is completed.
  • Business Objectives met.  If you need custom business logic built into your storefront do not let someone tell you it can’t be done.
  • Brand Recognition & Design Customization  – As a business you have spent time, energy, and money to create a brand, a look, a feel, something that your customers find familiar and recognizable. This needs to be present in your E-Commerce storefront. So many E-Commerce solutions force you into a particular site layout, template, or theme, and your uniqueness is lost. Your brand becomes just another cookie-cutter, faceless, online store.
  • Search Engine Optimization  – In today’s world Google is both a noun and a verb and search engines drive almost all of the web’s traffic.

This is what our customers are saying about NicE-Comm:
“What a relief! Your E-Commerce system is so easy to use and understand.”
“Oh yeah I can do that. This is an awesome E-Commerce solution. Great Job!”

Let us know if you to demo our E-Commerce solution. Contact us today. 912-292-1716

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