What is a Wild Apricot Website? Glad you asked…

Theme based from the Wild Apricot theme library or from the Nicasio Wild Apricot Themes, a Wild Apricot Website allows you to edit content, add events, manage your membership. The question is what options and what are the needs my organization has when it comes to considering a new Wild Apricot Website?

Things to consider:
– Budget; you cannot expect $20K worth of work for a few hundred dollars. So, a realistic budget us key. Custom sites range from say $5500 to $12500.
– Add ons/additional line items; images, content, navigation, SEO, member db import, root domain emails, email templates, etc… all these items impact cost.
– Timeline; do you have time or does your new Wild Apricot Website need to be live and running next week? Cost consideration here.
– E-commerce/Shop; seems like everyone wants to sell something online these days – do you? If you do, there is cost associated to an online store on Wild Apricot Website too. Number of categories, products, shipping and payments integration are all items to consider.
– On-Going support; are you 100% comfortable running a Wild Apricot Website? Or, do you need support for a little while? Things to consider.

Recap… Theme options, content and image and member db import/migration, shop or e-commerce, and support are all things to consider when you start thinking about a new Wild Apricot Website. If you are already on Wild Apricot, look for our next post soon.


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